Someone Made A Mop That Looks Like Dogs With Hair That Look Like Mops


Keeping dogs in the house is a guaranteed way to make your living space messier, with their hair ending up strewn all over the place (unless you vacuum it regularly). So if your kids want a dog but you don’t want a mess, maybe there’s a compromise to make. Like, I don’t know, this Dog Mop from Japan’s Felissimo.

You know those fluffy-haired dogs that look like mops when they’re lying on the floor? Well, this is an actual mop that looks like one of those dogs. So it’s like having a dog that doesn’t shed, doesn’t pee on the walls, and doesn’t make boisterous noise any time there’s a rumbling anywhere nearby. You know, a maintenance-free pet.


The Dog Mop actually comes in two parts: a mop and a toy dog made from the same thick loose strings used on mops. You can use the mop on its own while your kids play with the dog like a pet doll, although you can also snap the dog right under the mop for using it to mop your home’s floors. Whether you need to dry off a spill in the kitchen, clean the bathroom, or mop up your actual dog’s pee on the living room tiles, this thing should do the trick in a manner that’s way more adorable than usual. It measures 17 x 30 x 15 cm (h x w x d) and comes in three colors: black, white, and brown.


Available from Felissimo, the Dog Mop is priced at ¥2,700.

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  1. Henry

    This is cute. This might help encourage kids to help out around the house. Of course this would have to be a Japanese product. They always seem to develop funny unique items. Although this is only being sold on a Japanese site right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to either see this same product or a knock-off imitation eventually make its way to Amazon. The dog mop looks cute, but how does it compare to professional mops? In the end I want a mop that is easy to use, easy to clean, and is efficient. I also don’t want to buy expensive mop head replacements.

    My favorite mop product that I have seen is the”Baby Mop.” It attaches to your toddler and then when they are scooting around on the floor it mops it up. Don’t know how sanitary it is but it made me laugh.


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