Doona: This Infant Car Seat Folds Out Into A Functional Stroller

Unlike other car seat and stroller combos, the Doona doesn't require parents to remove the legs and wheels when strapping it to the car. Instead, it uses a folding mechanism that cleverly tucks those parts in, allowing the whole stroller to strap into the vehicle like any regular rearward-facing car seat.

Made by Simple Parenting, it's described as "the world's first infant car seat with a complete and fully integrated mobility solution." When going from stroller to car seat, you simply retract the Doona's long push handle to make it more suited for carrying with one hand, then tuck in the legs and wheels around the back to ensure it fits snugly onto the vehicle's backseat; just perform the reverse to go the other way. Everything stays in one place the entire time, making the transformation from stroller to car seat and back more convenient than ever.

Doona isn't just a clever two-in-one -- it's quite the safe and well-designed car seat, too. The handle, for instance, is meant to push against the backrest of the seat, providing "anti-rebound protection" that will absorb the impact during collisions and prevent the infant car seat from rotating. It also boasts a double wall shell structure for higher side impact protection, as well as integrated fail-safe mechanisms that prevent any chances of misuse (e.g. unintentionally folding the seat or rotating the extended handle).

Slated to launch in Europe soon, the Doona will retail for £299.

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