Dottling FocusLine: Organize Your Valuables In This Modular Safe System


Having a safe is nice once you’ve cobbled up a decent stash of valuables at home.  You don’t want those gold bracelets, diamond-studded watches, and vintage jewelry to be lying around in random drawers, after all. Once you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff, though, even a spacious safe can feel a little problematic, with everything likely ending up in a messy pile. The Dottling FocusLine offers a customizable solution.

A modular safe system, you start with an erstwhile regular-looking safe housing a bare, empty compartment.  From there, you outfit it with individual modules available in the collection, adding drawers (which can be equipped with either watch rolls or necklace holders), watch winders, and shelving to the mix, picking and choosing the exact components you need to accommodate whatever valuables you want to protect.


The Dottling FocusLine’s safe comes in three sizes, all of which are compatible with the individual storage modules available in the line.  Each one fulfills the VdS/EN class N security requirements, but can be fitted with VdS/EN class 4 if you prefer a more tough-to-penetrate barrier.  While not completely insulated from fires, the safe can protect its contents from ambient temperatures of 1,994 degrees Fahrenheit for, at least, an hour before causing any adverse effects, with a high-security key allowing you to quickly open it in the event of a technical defect or an emergency.


The safe can be accessed using a keypad and a handle, both of which are coated in chrome, although both can be upgraded to gold or ruthenium plating as options. It comes in a selection of interior and exterior colors.

No pricing is listed, but the Dottling FocusLine is available now.

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2 Responses

  1. Danilo Dore

    This safe is just out of hand! It looks like a tank and I am sure it is not something that you could get into if you weren’t allowed to be in there.

  2. Daniel

    I had to search Google to see what ruthenium was. Wikipedia says:” Ruthenium is exceedingly rare, only the 74th most abundant element in Earth’s crust.” I wonder how much more the safe costs with the ruthenium option on the handle and keypad?

    The safe comes with a variety of color options. Yes this is a very stylish safe, but is it worth it? If you want to keep you safe hidden and secure from the public then why would you even need a stylish looking safe? I guess the problem is something I won’t have to deal with. If you desire a stylish AND secure safe then this is a great choice. I myself just need something to be very secure and don’t care about how the safe looks and don’t want other people to see it.

    I would love to own a safe like this though simply because the interior is more fitting to my needs. Here in Idaho almost all safes are gun safes. Yes, gun safes will generally keep your valuables safe, but I don’t own any guns. This safe would be much easier to keep organized with my documents and what not.

    Maybe the movie bad guys can break into safes, but this is very secure and would definitely keep out the local meth heads who keep breaking into houses.


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