Dualbrella, The Umbrella For Pick-Up Artists

You might be not be a Casanova among ladies  but that can be soon be changed . All you have to do is pray for rain. Because when the weather reads "cloudy with heavy rainfall,"  no lady can resist the inviting charm of the Dualbrella, a two-headed umbrella designed for the man who saves the day. Wink!

See that guy in the photo? That dude couldn't score a girl's phone number from point blank range, even with Ron Jeremy's prayers behind him. Armed with this oversized canopy, however, all he had to do was stand outside a busy club and wait for a damsel in distress to walk out the door. Of course, he had to pay a shaman to make it rain too, but it worked. Like a charm. Take that, Neil Strauss.

The Dualbrella literally merges two umbrellas into one handle, so it provides ample protection for you and the new friend, while leaving all the carrying to your muscle-bound arms. With a canopy spanning 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep, you won't have to jockey for position avoiding the downpour - there's ample space to walk arm-in-arm without acting like a groping perv (which, let's face it, you usually are). All the tubes, stretchers and ribs are built out of durable but lightweight steel, with the included cover and pouch made from 100% nylon.

They say two heads are better than one. That's definitely true with the Dualbrella, which could help bring that spark your social life has been missing all these dry, lonely years. It's way cheaper than buying a flashy car too, at only $39.95.

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