Duo Over Hooks Can Add Instant Hanging Storage To Any Doors


You can never have too many hooks to hang stuff in around the house. Between coats, bags, scarves, hats, and a whole load of other stuff we frequently carry, there’s a good chance you’ll find a use for any hook you install eventually. Just in case you find yourself needing hooks by a door, these Duo Over Door Hooks look like the perfect tool for the job.

Made by J-Me, it’s a slide-on fixture that hangs on top of your door, giving you a facility on either side for instant storage hooks. Need a place to hang your retrofit camera bag in the bedroom? This will work. Want a place to hang a wet umbrella outside the house? Install this in the front door and you’re good to go. How about a potted plant right by the back door? Just use a pot with a strap or handle, then hook it on.


The Duo Over Hooks come with right-angled corners, ensuring it can mount in a stable manner on most doors (anywhere between 35 to 45 mm thick is fair game). While designed as temporary instant hooks, it comes with sticky pads that you can use to keep it securely in place (very useful for thinner doors), as well as a hole on top, in case you want to screw it onto the frame for a more permanent installation. Construction is mild steel, so it should be sturdy enough to support items with light to medium heft, such as thick jackets, packed bags, and other reasonably heavy gear.


Available now, the Duo Over Hooks retail for $19.95.

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2 Responses

  1. Angela

    Oh yes, I could do with something like this. I am a hang towels over the bedroom door kind of person.
    This is a perfect temporary solution to not sticking hooks all over your doors. Also when ironing shirts, I like to hang the hangers on the door – this would be perfect. Must try and find something similar in the UK.

  2. Brian Vickers

    I must say, this is king of cool for how it’s different on both sides, but they already have this sort of thing in stores these days. Either way, it makes sense to have so I might pick a couple up.


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