Dyson Air Multiplier Fan Blows Air, Will Blow Your Mind


To put it bluntly, the Dyson Air Multiplier Fan should not work.  It's a ring around a gaping hole.  Yet, every publication that reviewed it says it performs as advertised and they have no idea how it does either.

What the heck is the Dyson Fan?  It's James Dyson's (yes, the guy who updated the vacuum cleaner and the hand dryer in the same awesome manner) take on the electric fan, removing the blade and leaving nothing but a ring and a base.


Looking more like a giant Fruit Loop than a home appliance, the clever fan manages its wind-blowing ability using some clever engineering tricks.  According to the press release, the fan draws air from the base of the machine, forces it up into the loop amplifier and accelerates it through an annular aperture, creating a jet of air in the large loop-the loop.  Then, this jet of air pulls more air from behind the fan into the airflow, along with the surrounding air around the device, eventually amplifying the resulting stream as much as 15 times.

Did you get that?  I honestly didn't.  But it sounds clever, right?


Simply put, they successfully created a bladeless fan that actually blows air, spewing 118 gallons of it every minute.  Since, there are no blades, there's no chance of anyone hurting their fingers there, too.  Even better, it looks spanking hot and operates quietly.  How can you resist?

Well, I'll tell you how.  The Dyson Air Multiplier Fan is scheduled for release this fall at an innovation-worthy price of between $300 to $330.  Yep, that's how you can resist.

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  1. nick says:

    Its an induction fan, big deal. They’ve been around for decades. Dyson gave it a new look and managed to sell it as “new” so I have to give him credit for that.

    • David says:

      Really? These things have been around for years!? Well I honestly had NO idea because I’ve never seen or heard of one. Raises the question though, if a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around to buy it for lumber… who the hell cares.

      His might not be the first, or the only but it IS the one people will hear about, ipso facto, as far as most people are concerned it will be a big deal.

  2. Will says:

    The blades are in the base of the fan, so it’s still very noisy. As other people have said, its another example of Dyson’s over-engineered products.

  3. Big Deal says:

    Induction has been around for a while… Consider a jet engine, similar idea just with out the whole engine part. Or perhaps a carburetor, or an aircraft wing. The principle (Bernoulli’s Principle, which was first published in 1738) behind it is that it creates a stream of air or low pressure, which draws more air through the loop. It isn’t that clever, and by no means revolutionary. The most clever part of it is the whole manner in which it’s marketed. Create something that people aren’t familiar with but is around us all the time, and introduce it to the masses like it’s high tech futuristic stuff and slap a $200.00 price tag on it. Taking advantage of people’s (for lack of a better word) stupidity is the the real trick.

  4. Aaron says:

    Big Deal, STFU. You haven’t a clue what you are talking about. This device operates nothing like a carburetor or a wing. It’s marginally comparable to a jet engine in that it sucks air from one place and blows it toward another. Big Deal, why do you post anonymously, presenting information as facts which you know you are pulling out of your ass? I suppose it makes you feel smart, but nobody who reads it knows who you are, so what’s the point?

    This device works by putting the actual fan in the base, then redirecting the air through the ring where it exits through openings in the ring. It’s not high tech at all, but it is certainly a novel design, visually.

    • Michael says:

      I agree. In the post where they say “Did you get that?”, yes I did. Is it that hard? Fan blows air up base, ring on front blows it forward and brings extra air from behind it.

    • Jon (Engineering student not posting anonymously) says:

      Aaron it is like a carburetor or air wing in that it utilizes Bernoullis principle and pressure differences. Its can also be compared to a pitot tube system used to measure airspeed of a vehicle in a fluid medium such as air. Bernoullis principle can be used to calculate lift from an airfoil (the wing of an aircraft), or the rates at which air and fuel are being mixed in a carburetor. Yes you are correct in saying it is similar to a jet engine however as you say it is only marginally comparable and Big Deals examples are a little more closely related in the world of fluid mechanics. It is only really comparable to a jet engine to the uneducated as a jet engine works on combustion and thrust principles while this fan works on pressure differential concepts. Just because it looks like a jet engine doesnt mean it works like a jet engine. You see aaron instead of relying on wikipedia for my facts i went to college and studied mechanical engineering taking a course called fluid mechanics. In conclusion YOU STFU and YOU dont have a clue what your talking about. Dont come and talk about things you dont understand and presenting your veiwpoint as factual knowledge, read a fucking book before you open your mouth.


      P.S. the venturi effect mentioned below is also correct in that it is a corollary to the bernoulli principle and more specified while the bernoulli principle is a general statement

      • Brandon M. Sergent says:

        “In conclusion YOU STFU and YOU dont have a clue what your talking about.”

        Engineering student my ass. A middle school graduate knows the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

        If you’re going to talk shit about someone’s brain, at least proofread your statement. (See what I did there?)

      • Jerry Clasby says:

        Yea, and the lifting force with this annular ring is zero if you integrate over the full ring. lol!

    • dwindle says:

      You just don’t understand the concept. The force of that air going through the ring pulls in additional air from behind the wing, in the same way a carburator draws in gas.

  5. Aaron says:

    Also I’m a big idiot.

  6. Bob Roach says:

    There are already devices on the market that work the same way are similar in design. See, for example, the several companies that produce air knives. They likewise have versions which are circular. Some of their amplification factors are as high as 40. Basically, they are using the coanda effect and the explanations of the physics are well known.

    • Volkgarten Squirrell says:

      Bob, thanks for your comment. My wannabe aquaponics pond wants something more than 50 gallons per hour and your explaination has given me some places to start looking. And if THAT works – Mwa ha ha!

      • dwindle says:

        pump the water at high velocity through a nozzle, and encase the whole thing in a pipe. The pumped water will suck in additional water through the pipe.

  7. Bob Roach says:

    Mind you, on second thought, the air knife companies are using compressed air to drive the coanda amplifiers and the device here is only using a fan with low pressure ratio. That is quite good.

  8. Jason says:

    I have nothing to add, other than I have enjoyed the banter and the calls of BS on this *new* invention. :)

  9. Vic says:

    Not a big deal, especially for how expensive it is. I have to admit at least it has pretty interesting design cues and MAYBE safety concerns around small children and people with flowing long hair, haha, make it ok. It is not rocket science how this thing works guys, just moves the fan, motor, etc into the base. Imagine a regular fan with a funnel covering the blades at the exhaust, same thing, haha. For $200 I would buy an air conditioner.

  10. Matt says:

    It’s nothing more nor less than the Venturi effect – nothing particularly clever about the implementation, just the marketing and all the buzz articles by mystified people.

    For some basics and examples of how this works, I refer you to:

  11. Bill D. says:

    America, such a great place, home of the brave, the Constitution, 1st Admendment etc.

    Glad to see there are so many hypocritical, judgemental individuals out there who know what is going on but do nothing about it. At least Dyson took an idea, albiet someone else’s and is producing something he will make money off of. He didn’t invent the vacumn either, the principle of how one works. He just changed things a little, marketed the product and is making millions. How wealthy are all of you critics. Very wealthy when it comes to words and critism. I guess we all count wealth in different ways. Thank America for its freedom of speech. Just had to respond. I could care less. I do however have a Dyson Vacumn but won’t be buying a fan anytime soon. Like the others, I have an air conditioned home.

    • Brandon M. Sergent says:

      News flash: Patents, prototyping, manufacturing, distribution, and advertising, are expensive.

      If all it took to be wealthy was a good idea, or if even the chance at wealth depending a billionth on skill or merit as it does on luck (of birth or otherwise) you’d be receiving this comment from my gold plated helicopter by megaphone.

      Sad fact: The American dream of pluck and determination = profit is just that and always was just that, a dream.

      The rich get richer the poor stay poor for the same reason people in Africa starve to death, and it has fuck all to do with personal merit. Indeed, poverty can be a symptom of personal merit. See whistler blowers and people that refuse to sell drugs/weapons/lies or steal and kill.

      • Caelan says:

        You Sir, need to (1.) chill. (2.) Recollect your reasons for forcefully inserting your opinions upon the many, and (3.) find your manners. Just because somebody doesn’t share your perspective, doesn’t give your the responsibility to correct them, and it sure as hell doesn’t grant you the right to through them under the bus!

        have a nice day

  12. Paul says:

    The comments are always the most entertaining parts of these types of posts.

  13. Gadgeta says:

    Muffle the base fan, lower the price and these will be flying off shelves in a few year. Who’s going to want a bladed fan when you can have safety and good looks. Sure it’s overpriced now, but that’s what happens at the beginning. The very first electric fan was probably trashed by Victorian critics as a noisy contraption that would never replace a hand fan.

  14. Spuffler says:

    Coanda entrained airflow, been around for decades, but nobody bothered to make a low cost consumer grade device. The blower vanes are in the base, not ‘eliminated’, just relocated.

  15. bob kissell says:

    Yet another ripoff from heavy industry, in this case a device called an air mover.Like dysons vacumn cleaner From the sawmilling and mineing industry seperators. You only need a load of lawyers to protect your patients and bingo instant inventor.

    • Brandon M. Sergent says:

      Exactly! Thank you. I’m so tired of “yuppie with low morals, a tinker fetish, and an Internet connection” being the standard of “innovator” in this country.

  16. me says:

    hey, to all those envious people that keep p0osting “this is not new”, I would love to buy a cheaper version from you.

  17. tommy says:

    Hmmm. $300 fan w/o blades or $60 fan with that does the same thing.

    Let me think……..

  18. SJ says:

    So in other words this thing is just going to blow hot air during one of hour 40+ degree 3-week-long heat waves we have here in melbourne?

  19. John says:

    What material is it made of anyways..??

  20. Jason Watson says:

    Frankly what irritates me the most about this isnt some 3 century old SEMI related tech. (come on people who hasnt ‘borrowed’ ideas to bring out ‘new’ inventions) No, what REALLY burns my back end is the fact that it costs THREE HUNDRED+ DOLLARS AND IT IS MADE IN CHINA!!!! I mean, Dyson or anyone for that matter can charge what they want I guess but what the hell happened to the days when things were ridiculously priced because they had that sweet mark on the back that said MADE IN THE USA. ( or in this case, the UK would have been nice.
    Im someone who will spend crazy money on things of high quality and integrity, partly because 99% of the time they are made in a place where the employees are paid well and i know im supporting a company with morals. Dyson only cares about profit and image. HUGE profit margins for James Dyson who is now worth north of 3 BILLION dollars. All off the backs of slave labor and slick marketing. At 300 the fan, err ‘air multiplyer’ should be made by someone with medical, dental and a 401k. Sorry Mr. Dyson, you fail in my book. Ill keep my overpriced purchases to things made by companies that care about their employees and customers. And yes, there are still a lot of them around. There would be even more if people would speak up and quit being so damn apathetic.

  21. kurisu7885 says:

    Ah Dyson, making a desk fan cost over 300 dollars

  22. Ericjt says:

    Yes, major fail on the price. Fools and their money… Do you think they really meant for it to be 30.00 not 300.00?

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