Every Slice Of Brownie Can Have Two Chewy Edges With This Baker’s Edge Brownie Pan


Brownies are delicious.  They're even more delicious when you can get the corner slices with two chewy edges on them and avoid those middle slices that have none.  The Baker's Edge Brownie Pan solves that problem by letting you bake brownies that guarantee at least two crunchy and chewy edges for every serving.

How does it achieve this sorcery?  By brilliant design, as the gourmet baking pan comes with multiple dividers that let you bake brownies packing a generous amount of those delectable chewy edges.  With this pan, there's no settling for less -- everyone gets a slice with high levels of awesomeness.  And crappiness, in case you bake with no idea of what you're doing.


The Baker's Edge Brownie Pan measures 9 x 12 x 2 inches, with a volume capacity equivalent to 11 cups.  Unlike puny baking pans where only the four walls get those delicious edges, this one covers 150 square inches of the thing, ensuring there's enough of the good stuff to go around, all while maintaining a single continuous chamber for easily spreading the batter.  Size is designed to hold standard box mixes with no adjustments necessary.


During baking, the divider walls will circulate heat evenly throughout the pan, ensuring not just chewy edges, but well-cooked middles, too.  Other features include premium nonstick coating, round corners (for easy cleaning), recessed handles (so you can grip the pan when turned upside down) and heavy-gauge cast aluminum construction.  It's oven-safe up to 500 degrees, but does require handwashing to clean (to avoid damaging the nonstick coating).

Amazon has the Baker's Edge Brownie Pan available, priced at $35.95.

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3 Responses

  1. Sasha Jones

    I actually got one of these some time ago. Saw an infomercial on the edge brownie pan, and had to have it. The edge’s of brownies are awesome, and you can’t go wrong with buying this as it does make some really good brownies.

  2. Linda

    I have one of these and would recommend it to the moon and back. Great idea since you know we all like an “edge” piece!

  3. Yolanda Hillbert

    My husband LOVES the edge pieces, so I think I will be looking at this as a gift for Christmas time. Thanks for posting this!


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