The Edge Desk Transforms From Work Desk To Drafting Board To Easel


If you’re going to work at home, you’re going to need a desk. Problem is, if you have limited space at home, an extra desk can be a real bother. And while there are some foldable desks out there, we have a feeling The Edge Desk is going to prove a whole lot more useful in many situations.

Like other folding desks, it can fold flat for easy storage, allowing you to throw it in the closet or slide it under the bed to free up floor space when not in use. Unlike them, it can be configured in 200 possible ways, allowing you to customize the height, desk angle, and tilt completely to your liking, making for one versatile home office furniture.


The Edge Desk combines a tabletop that’s mounted a tilting arm with an ergonomic kneeling chair, making for quite an unusual desk design. The chair is set in a fixed position, although you can adjust the tabletop height (5 settings), the tabletop angle (5 settings), and the arm tilt (8 settings), allowing the desk to be used in different ways. You can, for instance, adjust it to function as a regular writing desk where you can set down a laptop and a few office supplies to get some work done, although you can also adjust it for use as a drafting board or even an easel to perform more specialized work. To help keep the desk free from clutter, it comes with grooves on the edges that allows you to mount optional accessories, including a cup holder, a speaker, and a LED lamp.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for The Edge Desk. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $299.

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2 Responses

  1. Ri

    Working at home without a desk is awful. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that. Yes, desks aren’t cheap but they make all the difference in the world. It’s much easier to get the job done when you aren’t constantly shifting in your hair. The only thing about this desk that I’m not so sure about is how ergonomically correct it is. I’ve personally never sat in a desk and had my knees forward, with my feet facing behind me like shown in the photos. If anyone has sat like that on a regular basis, could you comment? I’m really interested. I don’t have much space in my current apartment so this desk stands out to me. My mind is having a difficult time comprehending 200 different desk positions.

  2. Thomas

    This looks more stable than the desk I use at home, plus, the Edge Desk also takes up much less room. I like smaller desks at home because most of my projects are simply laptop based and maybe a small notebook, but that is it. Occasionally though I do have a need to have more desktop space and the Edge Desk would work for me in this aspect. I also like that the Edge Desk has the groove system around the edge so you can set-up a variety of accessories and place them wherever works for you.

    Keep in mind your needs. If you have a sparse desktop then you’ll be OK, but you need to be aware that the Edge Desk is not designed to hold a lot of weight. If you plan on having heavier things on the desktop then I highly suggest you look for a different desk.


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