El Purista Smoker’s Armchair Has Hidden Drawers For All Your Smoking Supplies


You can enjoy a fat cigar any place you sit down in the house. If you want to savor every moment you huff and puff on that sweet-smelling Cuban, though, might as well look classy and feel comfortable doing it in the El Purista Smoker’s Armchair.

Designed for cigar lounges and living spaces, the chair gives smokers a private retreat to enjoy their stogies in peace. And by peace, we mean you can sink into the chair and never get up until you’re all smoked out. That’s because it comes with a pair of Spanish cedar drawers on either armrest, giving you a convenient place to stash an ashtray, a glass of your favorite scotch, and any other smoking accessories.

Sporting a shape that’s equally inspired by an unfolding flower blossom and an open box of cigars, the El Purista Smoker’s Armchair makes for an elegant-looking seating furniture that should easily find a home, whether in a living room, a study, or somewhere in your corner office. It uses sturdy 10mm solid steel for the frame, with an inner panel cut in beech wood and a top ply cut in a selection of veneers (walnut, oak, maple, and other woods upon request). Everything is topped off with pure aniline leather that’s barrel-dyed to preserve all the natural cracks and bites, providing a smooth and breathable surface to sink your body in.

Available in two sizes, you can get the El Purista Smoker’s Armchair directly from the outfit’s website.

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2 Responses

  1. Jason

    Who cares about smoking cigars, the El Purista Smoker’s Armchair will be huge in Colorado with their legalized recreational marijuana. Seriously, this is a perfect chair for the indoor smoker.

    My only concern with the El Purista Smoker’s Armchair is dropping a hot cherry from my smoke onto that beautiful leather and burning a hole in it.

    El Purista started off as a company that created software for the hospitality industry and just recently changed their focus. It’s funny how they move from the unglamorous World of hospitality software to create stylish furniture masterpieces like the El Purista Smoker’s Armchair.

  2. Dennis

    Too bad I didn’t see this prior to purchasing my new chair for the man cave. I don’t smoke as much as I used to but I really like the idea of having storage within my chair. You could put a notepad in there, your TV remote, cell phone and miniature tools. The more places in my home that offer additional storage, the better. We have accumulated a lot of things over the years and even after our recent spring cleaning (so thankful that’s over!), we still don’t have spots for everything. If I got two of these, I know my wife would love putting her favorite pens and sewing materials in hers. Just looking at the chair makes me want to take a nap to be honest!


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