A Tilted Design Allows The Electrolux Masterpiece Blender To Make Better Smoothies


We usually judge the quality of our blenders with the power of their motors. The harder and faster they make those blades spin, the better they’re supposed to work, right? Electrolux begs to differ with their Masterpiece Blender, which relies on a unique design element to produce better smoothies and soups.

Unlike other jug blenders, this one has its jug and chopping blades tilted at a 10 degree angle, a feature the company calls the “PowerTilt.” While seemingly inconsequential, the simple adjustment is actually very significant, since the slight tilt makes it easy for gravity to pull ingredients right back down into the blade, allowing the blender to produce a finer and more velvety blend in less time.

The Electrolux Masterpiece Blender comes with three types of blades: a crusher blade (for hard ingredients), a lower cut blade (for swiping the flat bottom), and a particle reduce blade (for throwing ingredients into the center).   Each one is made from titanium-coated stainless steel, making them stronger, more durable, and harder-wearing than ordinary blades, ensuring no ingredient is too tough to chop off and pulverize. Instead of getting fitted with the highest-powered motor, it runs a modest 1,600-watt Turbo Boost, whose work should be aided greatly by the unique tilted design. Oh yeah, the motor comes with a noise-dampening system that reduces sound to a mere 80db (similar to the company's old 600-watt Powermix Silent blender), which they claim is several times softer compared to most high-speed blenders currently in the market.

Slated for availability in October, the Electrolux Masterpiece Blender is priced at $300.

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  1. cook

    I kind of feel dumb since I didn’t know that Electrolux made a Blender of any kind. I will say that their brand never disappointed me in the last century. My mother in-law had an Electrolux canister vacuum cleaner that was over thirty years old. The thing nearly caused a falling out after her passing.

    Hoping the brand mfg-ing hasn’t been passed around to the lowest bidder, I would consider trying the tilted blender – I mean, who hasn’t tilted their blender for better control at some point? I guess the think-tank has incorporated this move into a stationary platform.

    Nice work – now can we work on that 300 dollars stamped on it? I have always wanted a “wand” blender – maybe I’ll start there.

  2. t-fish

    this is pretty neat, and yeah me either cook. i never heard of them making products like this, but it definitely looks practical and appears well-built. i think the angular chopping blades/mechanism is a really good idea. perhaps this will wind up being a cool substitute for my BULLET-Blender! the fact that its made out of titanium however, in my opinion, definitely justifies such a higher-price margin than most blenders. in fact, at the same time you can get a lot less for the same amount of money more or less with blenders when it comes to todays technology and flexibility of devices like this. 1,600 watts is a crazy boost of power, very impressive! i like how the system is also designed to minimize noise, 80 decibels or less is pretty quiet, and i’d definitely say that’s pretty impressive.


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