When Retro Gamers Sneak Drinks In, They Do It Using These Entertainment Flasks


You’re a retro-gaming geek and you make no bones about it. You own a NES clone, bathe with gamer soaps, and even play in a band using a NES Harmonica. So we don’t quite understand why you still sneak alcohol into places using your Starfleet Hip Flask when there are perfectly awesome Entertainment Flasks available out there.

A set of drinking flasks dressed in the form of NES cartridges, it makes you look like you’re merely carrying retro-gaming paraphernalia to serve your throwback obsession, ensuring you’ll fit in whether in a comic book convention, an outdoor concert festival, or a consumer technology trade show. Like all flasks, you can fill it with your favorite libations and slip it in a jacket pocket, ready to be taken out later when events call for a sip of any alcoholic fare.


Unlike most flasks, the Entertainment Flask isn’t made from metal. Instead, it uses food-grade, BPA-free plastic to recreate the build of real gaming cartridges. Not only does it recreate the shape of old NES games, it even comes with a vinyl label that features a parodied cover art of a real NES game (e.g. Duck Hunt becomes Drunk Hunt and Mario Bros become Bar Hop Bros), completing the genuine appearance. If you’re worried about the label peeling off after a few cleanings, don’t be, as they made sure to use a high-quality vinyl that’s meant to hold in place despite regular exposure to hot water, soap suds, and hand-washing.


Originally a Kickstarter project, the Ink Whiskey Entertainment Flask is available now, priced at $20.

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5 Responses

  1. Maddie

    I have to say; this is pretty cool. I am not a drinker but if you are, may as well drink it secretive style. Love it!

  2. TobySams

    haha great idea. you’d get funny looks at a football game putting a video game cartridge up to your face every 10 mins though 😀 In all seriousness though, I need one of these, the names of the games on the cartridges are hilarious too!

  3. William

    This is awesome! I remember the original nintendo and atari systems, they had them categorized into Bits as technology evolved.

    I think this would be really cool to bring drinks into a Movie Theatre to avoid paying the $20.00 a cup price, or more realistically to sneak a few drinks poos into the clubs with, or avert law enforcement attention on the streets with. It’s pretty incredible, because as technology and laws are ever-changing, thus seem to be the countermeasure trends and technology. Thus is society I guess.

  4. Ann Marie

    haha such a cool idea! I’m a big NES fan! what other toys or designs do they have for this kind of thing?? i want to get one with bowser on the front from mario! this one looks like one of the original size cartridges, like 32 or 64 bit?

  5. joan s

    I feel ancient. I have an original NES, , I have a gun for the duck hunt but I cant get it to work. I love the Drunk Hunt flask cartridge. We all know its not good to mix alcohol with hunting – now fishing is a whole different story. haha.

    I hope these wont actually fit inside of a console, might cause some physical violence.


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