Folding, Telescoping, And Rotating Parts Make The Erovr The Most Versatile Hand Cart Ever


Regardless of what hefty items you need to haul, there’s usually a perfect cart for the job. It could be a hand truck or a wagon or a flat bed cart – you never really know until a job is up. The Erovr is a cart that can transform into any of those and more.

In its most basic form, it looks like a moving dolly that you can use to push furniture and large boxes around a room. Pull out the telescoping handle and it turns into a half cart that you can pull or push around. Move a few parts and it becomes a full-length cart. Move a few others and it can become a hand truck. You can also fold out the side panels to add walls that fence in whatever you’re carrying, as well as pull out a second handle to turn the full cart into a hotel-style baggage carrier.  Simply put, it might be the most versatile carrying cart you’ll ever find.


The Erovr isn’t just transformable – it’s compact, too, able to collapse into a bundle measures 23 x 21 x 7 inches, which should be small enough to dump into the boot of a car or inside a cabinet.  It comes with two small wheels in front and two large wheels in the rear, all of which are connected to the chassis by pivoting arms that can be locked into multiple preset positions for even more versatile configurations (raise the two front wheels and it’s a functional bike cargo trailer).  Features include an aluminum chassis with internal ribbing for strength, an ABS plastic top cover, and a weight capacity of 250 pounds.


An Indiegogo campaign is currently running for Erovr. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $195.



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  1. Raymond Tolleson

    There are plenty of times when I felt a hand cart like this would really help me out. That price is not bad either considering the amount of options that you can use it for.

  2. Pete

    The Erovr reminds me of a transformer. It’ll work as a handcart, attach to a bicycle, or push it around like a shopping cart, all while holding 250 pounds. It has 10 different methods of how it can be utilized. The Erovr is much more versatile than a traditional hand truck or wagon. If you go and look at the IndiGoGo page there is a picture of the beach kit. I never would have thought about using it to take my things to the beach. This is an amazing idea. I like how Erovr offers different attachments to allow this product to be used in numerous different ways. Fishing rod holders! Yes, something for me. I can cycle down to the river pulling the Erovr with my cooler full of beer and my tackle box. This would make my life so much easier. I usually just take my car because of the hassle of carrying everything, but I could do it with the Erovr. For $400 you can get the Erovr with all of the accessories including the speaker system and power bank to keep your phone charged up.

    The Erovr probably will not replace the BOB trailer for touring cyclists, but for those who want a versatile bike trailer for local use I can see this product really takong off. It allows more freedom for local riding then the BOB trailer does.

    Regardless of if you are a cyclist or not, the many features available and the portability of this make it a great deal. There are countless ways I could use the Erovr. I wish it could hold more than 250 pounds, but I guess the occasional fridge that needs moved I could use a traditional dolly.


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