Ethos E30 Boat Allows Modular Layouts For Adapting To Different Uses

When you buy a boat and choose to equip it with a specific layout, you're usually stuck with that. Unless you're willing to do a whole load of work to remove this bench there or add a small table here, there just aren't a lot of options available. Not the case with Ethos E30, which lets you customize the deck layout any time you feel like it.

Made by Italian boat builders Azure Embark, it uses an open deck layout with fixtures for attaching different panels that sufficiently change the way you can use the boat. You can leave it empty for hauling cargo, line it with rows of seats for use as a touring boat, throw on tables and benches for use as a recreational boat, and a whole load of other configurations.

The Ethos 30 allows for a near-infinite sets of layout, with facilities for adding seats, cabinets, tables, kitchen equipment, fishing equipment, appliances, and more. You even have the option of leaving the deck open like the Joyboat or enclosed like the Jet Capsule, with walls that you can mount using just a screwdriver. The low deck walls feature integrated cubbies for mounting equipment, with water and electrical hookups every 17 inches to give users ultimate layout flexibility.

The boat itself is built on a composite V-shaped hull, with a total length of 31 feet. Stock engine is a 170-hp Hyundai diesel powerplant, although you can upgrade to a 250-hp diesel, as well as a hybrid setup using a 13kW motor and a roof-mounted solar panel system. The captain's cabin gets a 23-inch touchscreen panel for control and monitoring, with QR codes attached to various parts of the boat for quickly pulling up info on a smartphone.

Pricing for the Ethos E30 starts at €148,500 for the boat with the detachable deck walls included. Adding modular components (like benches, cabinets, and appliances) will, of course, cost extra.

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  1. Markus

    Now, this is something worth checking out. How awesome would this be to have a boat that you can entertain from one day and fish from the very next day? Thanks for posting this!

  2. Brian Vickers

    This is the kind of boat I hope to have one day. Would love to see what this boat is capable of, especially with how it can be changed so much to do so many different things. Would be cool to bring my wife out on one for a nice lavish dinner on the lake or sea.


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