Instead Of A Small Display, Eyesight Raptor Projects Its HUD Onto A Glasses’ Lens


We all know it’s coming – glasses with heads-up displays will be a part of our imminent future.  What we’re not sure of, however, is how it’s going to be implemented.  If we’re waging bets on the outcome, I wouldn’t mind putting a few coins on the tech the Everysight Raptor is using.

While it’s not the first HUD solution aimed at cyclists, the way it displays information certainly seems a whole lot smarter.  Instead of putting a tiny display in front of your eye, it turns the lens of the riding glasses into the display screen by beaming information onto it.  The result is an augmented display that lets you keep your eyes on the road while getting access to vital riding information, with no peripheral distractions and opaque display elements that can obstruct your full view.


The Everysight Raptor is a pair of cycling smartglasses, so they’re close-fitting – just like any pair of sunglasses you can comfortably wear while riding.  Electronics mounted along the top of the frame contain the Everysight Beam module, which projects information right at the upper-central part of the lenses, so you don’t have to look left or right to read them.  In its current form, the HUD can show data like speed, time, live route guidance, grade of incline, wattage, waypoints, and distance – things that both road riders and mountain bike should find plenty of use for. Going forward, though, the company plans to host a program for developers to increase the tech’s capabilities, essentially turning it into a more versatile smartglass.


No pricing or exact release dates have been announced, but the Everysight Raptor is expected to launch in 2016.

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2 Responses

  1. John G.

    Very cool product for those that are out on the road a lot. I compare it to any run tracking device because the glasses are showing you information that you are getting use out of.

  2. Pete

    The heads up display has become much more popular lately. It is nice to see this feature coming to bicycles now via glasses. It can show you a lot of information, but the live route guidance would be great for me. When I travel by car I like to take my bicycle and then casually explore the town I am in. The live route guidance would help me out a lot. I currently use my cycling computer, but the heads up display offered but these glasses would not only be much more convenient, but also much more safer. When the sweat is dripping into your eyes and you lean forward to get a clearer look at what they cycling computer says, you take your eyes off the road too long. These Raptor glasses would make it so much safer.

    My complaints about this product is that the display area does not seem to be moveable. I;d like the ability to customize where the stats appear in my line-of-sight. Will these be available for prescription eyeglass wearers? I sure hope so, but a lot of tech products like this often do not have the capability to use prescription glasses instead. Google Glass even gives you the option to use prescription lenses, of course these Raptor glasses look so much better than the nerdy-looking Google Glasses.


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