FishEyes Rod With Camera Gives Sport Fishermen An Underwater View

Sick of casting a lure, waiting an hour and feeling a tug, only to reel it in and find you managed to catch a wonderful pair of boots swept into the water?   If you’d rather see what's biting your hook before wetting yourself in excitement, you might want to trade up your favorite combo for the FishEyes Rod & Reel.

Looking more like a controller for a fishing game than a rod and reel combo, it features  a camera on the line and a built-in LCD monitor right on the handle, so you can watch the action happening under the water.  That way, you won't only see when you've got a yellow perch chomping on your hook, you can catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster and SpongeBob Squarepants when they happen to swim by, too.

The FishEyes Rod & Reel uses a 20-foot combined video and power cable as its fishing line, tethered to the reel-mounted monitor on one end and a submersible video camera on the other.  LED lights are built into the camera, so you can watch the underwater scenes unfold clearly.  If you just want to spy on crocodiles in the swamp, you can drop the line in the water while you sit on the boat enjoying the show from the display.

In case you'd rather snag yourself some catfish, though, the camera can be strapped onto a short fishing line with a bait basket to attract fish (you can tie your lure hook on there).  That way, you can watch in detail as fish get attracted to your lure, linger by and finally snap its jaws onto your trap.

You can get the FishEyes Rod & Reel now, priced at $79.99.

Fuzion Fish Eyes Rod and Reel Fuzion Fish Eyes Rod and Reel
List Price: $99.99

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  1. Willy

    I wonder if anybody has grown up listening to that story of the wood cutter whose axe falls into a pond, and how the Almighty tries to test his greed by luring him into lying about his axe being made of gold or silver. The point is, if at all anybody was going to re-write that fable in the context of the modern times, the Almighty would certainly come up with this FishEyes Rod With Camera. On a more serious note, the Fish Eyes rod sounds like one great innovative product. And it is almost humbling to realize that the idea behind this would have been so simple. Really, most of the market ruling contemporary products are results of simple thinking.

  2. Eric

    Wow! Who would have ever thought that we would see a day where the fisherman would actually be able to view the happenings under the blanket of water, while waiting for his catch! It would be worth throwing the cable in water without even the intention of catching wish, just to have a good time viewing the vibrant underwater life. If I were earning a salary, I would certainly think about putting aside $80 for the FishEyes Rod With Camera and use it as a reliable weekend entertainer for the rest of my life.

  3. Ricky

    Spying on a group of crocodiles in a swamp might not just be a very intelligent idea, but certainly you can take the risk if you had a 20 foot long cabled camera to do the work for you. And, does this suggest some rather unconventional uses of the FishEyes Rod With Camera? Anyways, your eight dollars would be accounted for if you were to catch a sight of the Loch Ness. Though I am not certain as to whether you’d live to tell the tale.

  4. Travis

    I have had the first hand experience of bearing the misfortune of a devastated weekend picnic. It so happened that I and my group of mates decided to hit it out on the local camping resort, and indulge in some ‘up close and personal interaction’ with our food to be for the night. I can never forget the mess that the sweltering sunlight reduced us to, and the fact that it all got aggravated by the fact that all we could muster out from the stupid pond was a pile of rags! There must have been some techy soul who’s had an experience on similar lines.

  5. Yespian

    I can hardly ever stop being amazed at the super cool products that this site keeps on posting up. A fishing rod in an all techy avatar, with screens and camera and lights and cables and what not! How’s that for cool, I ask! Really, the simplicity of thought that keeps on driving the real innovations in the markets is baffling sometimes. I hope this does not stop here and some more makers jump into the pool, bringing the costs within the buying windows of the people for whom the product should actually work wonders, i.e. the fishermen community.

  6. Usmaan

    I hope the camera used in the FishEyes Rod & Reel is a class apart from the useless trash that is generally presented in the name of underwater coverage gizmos. And then, its not that we get to fish on the coasts of the Caribbean every other weekend. On the contrary, our fishing areas are well endowed in dark and murky waters, making the visibility even less. This would necessitate some really powerful performance from the camera. This is precisely why I feel that the addition of the LED light to brighten up the dark under water view is a huge advantage.

  7. Ian

    It must have been centuries back that our forefathers would have been partying around the rivers, elated at having worked out a way to bridge the gap between their palates and the delicious little creatures that glide ever so effortlessly through water. That was then. It’s true that most of such commodities have seen their fair share of renovations and makeovers the year, and even more so in the past decade or so with the rapid leaps of technology. However, I am at a loss to remember anything as brilliant and superb as this FishEyes Rod & Reel thing. Hats off to the person who conceptualized this whole project and the technicians who have extended human visibility right through the opaque watery layers hiding some super delicious catch.

  8. Olla

    Watches with calculators, goggles with music players, and what not! Seriously, most of the supposedly cool products are nothing but wasted efforts and resources. And there hasn’t been much lately that has shaken me into changing my opinion. That’s until I saw this ultra product called the FishEyes Rod & Reel. From the way I am looking at it, this product has the power changing the very basic dynamics of the activity of fishing. From the patient man’s past time, the FishEyes Rod & Reel might just catapult the status of fishing onto the teenager’s weekend engagement. You certainly can do without hours of wait out in the elements and years of experience and expertise to be able to get counted as a certified fisherman now. And just in case you have been ravaged all your life hearing tales of fishing experiences from your country side pals, you are just 80 odd dollars away from joining the league.

  9. Andy K.

    There can really be no differing opinions as regards the sheer brilliance of the idea that stands behind the FishEyes Rod & Reel. However, I have a slightly different point to make here. I have read much about this thing, here as well as other resources on the internet. I think the idea is not to make fishing quick fire and easy, but actually to rope in the pleasure of observing the scintillating and vibrant life that vivifies the deep insides of rivers and lakes. Imagine the pleasure and joy you could get from observing marine life in its glory, and just when you spot your kind of fish, you can spring into action and add it to the basket. Simply outstanding.

  10. Stephen

    I was so impressed with this idea that within an hour of reading this, I had basically exhausted all the information that was to be had regarding this. Fishing has always been an interest, though I would be lying if I added that I am a good fisher. I was perturbed that this might actually be a fancy tech tool that would most probably fall short of achieving the real motive. But that was until I saw a few video reviews of the FishEyes Rod & Reel. This is not the usual crazy techy idea that fades away into oblivion before actually making it to the markets. The makers seem to have put in some serious thought and consideration into the making. I was impressed to see this thing in action on one the reviews. The reviewer used the FishEyes Rod & Reel in a tub, trying to emulate the real operating environment. The weight hanging under the cable makes sure that the camera module actually enters the water layer and does not stay floating over it. And then, the distance between the bait box and the camera is perfect for the view on the LCD monitor. The manufacturers have played it really smart by using a plastic hood over the LCD, so that the sunlight does not obstruct the view of the screen. And the addition of the LED light to guide your fishing cable into murky waters also manages to impress. All in all, I am totally bowled over by the features of the FishEyes Rod & Reel.

  11. Denver

    What a wonderful present this could make for my grandpa! He happens to be really into outdoor fun and adventure, and definitely, fishing does make the cut for him. I have been thinking about some really crazy gift ideas for him. I feel that the search is over now. The FishEyes Rod & Reel is coming, all said and done. The old fell would certainly not mind getting an up close and personal view of all the little freaky fishes that come close to his bait box. And certainly, grandma would not mind the old fella returning home a little earlier than his normal weekend retreat times. The FishEyes Rod & Reel is a win win purchase for all.

  12. Franky

    Now that I have checked out quite a few reviews and images of this thing, my initial doubts are getting concrete. None of the reviews have been generous and explicit on the quality of the camera. In fact, the first thing that came to my mind when I read this interesting little post was that the sole cause for concern would be the quality of the camera. And I guess I was right. Not only does the screen size look too little to be of any use, the clarity doesn’t seem anywhere close to being of any value! I hope I am wrong though, as the whole concept is pretty novel and if executed properly, could result into a really successful and marketable product.

  13. Graham

    I admit I am a bit of a skeptic, but you’ve got to consider the probability that there would be a lot of possible obstructions and destructors that could spell doomsday for this cabled fishing rod (I hope and assume that I have understood the architectural make of the FishEyes Rod & Reel correctly). This might sound funny, but what if a sharp coral were to cut open the cable? And there are some naughty and clawed creatures guarding the coasts. One hopes that the material is strong enough to withstand all these factors. I guess I am just being a bit foolish here! Any comments?

  14. Hitu

    Amateur treasure hunters and wannabe pirates might contemplate buying complete lots of the FishEyes Rod & Reel. After all, what more could serve their explorations better than an extendible under water camera that serves the live images right on the cute little LCD screen in front of their eyes! I thin we can wait for another enhanced version of the FishEyes Rod & Reel with recording capability. That’s just in case your nearby lake happens to host some ‘most wanted’ sea monsters.

  15. Jose

    FishEyes Rod & Reel, take a bow. Is there any way one could go wrong or return empty handed (excluding the possibility of your hunting grounds being absolutely devoid of fishes) with the FishEyes Rod & Reel around? Absolutely no ways I say. For just 80$, this product is simply irresistible. Even if it is not used for fishing, one could easily use it for some exciting underwater viewing entertainment to cast away the dull and drab evenings of long vacations. I would certainly not be surprised one bit if this were to make a real impact in the fishing equipment markets sometime in the near future.


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