No Other Pocket Tool Provides Leverage Like These Brilliant Fix It Sticks


There’s no shortage of pocket tools that you can use for the on-the-go bicycle repairs, including ones we've featured like the Crank Brothers Multi-Tool and the Topeak Alien III. These Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition, though, do most products in its category one better by giving the user a powerful leverage, allowing for convenient use similar to full-sized tools.

Unlike most pocket-sized drivers and wrenches, it’s designed to form into a T-shape during use, giving the user plenty of room to maneuver when driving screws and turning bolts on their two-wheeled steed. No more trying to figure out how to keep your hand from slipping while trying to grip a minuscule pocket tool and turn it with enough force – the tool’s T-shape handle ensures you can deliver whatever torque is required.


When not in use, the Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition’s T-shaped handle can split into two parts, which you can conveniently store side by side in your pocket. It comes with eight interchangeable bits (six sizes of hex key, a Torx 25, and a Phillips #2), so you can simply swap in what you need, with built-in magnets ensuring the bits are tightly secured during use. Even better, it uses standard quarter-inch bits, so any other bits that you have lying in the toolbox can be commissioned for use with the tool, making it suitable for uses beyond on-the-go bicycle maintenance. Both the handle and the bits are constructed from steel, ensuring it can support very high torque (website claims it handles up to 40 foot-pounds).

Originally a Kickstarter project, the Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition is available now, priced at $35.99.

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3 Responses

  1. Maddie

    This is a great example of multitasking items. Simple, but packs a big punch! Thanks for sharing.

  2. LilyJane

    I need to get this for my bicycle maintenance, my current one has no leverage whatsoever, its so annoying!

  3. William

    These look pretty cool and handy. It looks sturdy, and I like the concept. I appreciate the price being so practical too. As someone that does a good share of labor-oriented jobs, this would be especially useful to carry around or store the majority of parts in the glove-compartment box for if and when I need it. The magnets were especially a good idea, and that shows they put thought into making this–especially for mechanics or anyone who does regular car and even house work. The price definitely seems right, so I’d be willing to invest my money into this once it hits shelves around here–or I can find it online.


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