Use The FLIR Scout TK To See 100 Yards Away In Pitch-Black Darkness


Night vision goggles are great when you need to make your way around the dark. If you’re looking to photograph scenes in the dark, though, that won’t exactly help. And while smartphones with thermal vision should get that particular job done, so can the FLIR Scout TK.

Measuring just 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches and weighing 6 ounces, this thermal vision monocular has just the right dimensions to slip into a pocket, making it just as easy to bring along as your phone. Whether you’re going camping, hitting a music festival, or just want to creep around town people-watching in the dark (hey, we don’t judge), this thing will do the trick.


Because of the compact size, the FLIR Scout TK isn’t a super-powerful monocular, although it can let you clearly see (as clear as night vision can be anyway) people, animals, and objects at distances of up to 100 yards. You can switch between different color palettes to help enhance the viewing experience, with the ability to record both stills and video without having to pair with a smartphone. It comes with a design that enables single-handed operation, with a rugged, weather-resistant enclosure (IP67 rating) that makes it suitable for bringing during outdoor adventures.

Features include a 20 x 16 degree field of view (horizontal x vertical), a simple four-button layout, and a built-in LCD display (640 x 480 resolution). It comes with a rechargeable battery that can keep it running for a five straight hours in a single charge.

Slated for availability soon, the FLIR Scout TK is priced at $600.

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  1. Charlotte

    I was hoping to find someone else had commented so I could get a better idea as to when most people use a product like this. Personally, the only use I can think of is if you are going hunting or camping. I’ve been camping a handful of times and it was always pretty creepy when you would hear noises but weren’t able to see a thing. Maybe it’s a female thing, but I like to know what’s going on around me.
    We recently had a few break-ins in our neighborhood and I can definitely see using this to take a quick peek outside our windows to make sure there isn’t someone lurking in the shadows. I like that this monocular lets you record what you see. Not too bad for the price.

    • Michael

      Nope, not just a female thing. I am a Dude and I like to know whats making noises to. At the end of my property is a public trail. If it is dark out I want to know if the sounds is simply an animal, somebody walking by on a hike, or if it some some local teens how raising hell. If it is a deer I might take my camera and head down, but if it is a bear, procupine, or anything else crazy then I will stay in the house. I don’t own a FLIR Scout TK but that is how I would use it. Of course I gotta change my habits when I go camoing now. When it is dark out I will change clothes outside of my tent where I am able to stand up and nobody will see me because it is dark. This will now make me paranoid to do it since I know that the FLIR Scout TK is available for anyone to buy.


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