Supersized Galactic Dimension Pinball Machine Should Make For Supersized Fun


Pinball’s a lot of fun. But would a lot more pinball be a lot more fun? We’re guessing the answer is affirmative with the Galactic Dimension, a pinball game endowed with supersized proportions.

Created by artist Niklas Roy, the massive game is installed at Phæno, a science museum based in Wolfsburg, Germany.   It’s made as part of an exhibit celebrating more traditional pinball machines, a selection of which are also displayed in the exhibition floor, on loan from the Pacific Pinball Museum.


Measuring 9.8 x 19.7 feet, Galactic Dimension is a fully-playable mammoth-sized attraction mounted on a steep ramp in the exhibition hall. At the bottom of the ramp is a control system built into a stand, allowing visitors to direct the giant balls rolling across the equally giant playing field. In going with the science theme, the game is styled with UFOs and other cosmic elements, complete with the necessary lights and sounds (a whole lot of both) to turn it into a genuine arcade experience. To simplify the build, each electronic module on the game comes with its own power supply, integrated sensors for detecting the ball’s position, built-in sound and light effects, and an Arduino microcontroller, with various components built from repurposed everyday items, like the plunger (made using a sewer pipe and hair dryers) and the actuators (hair dryers and electric fans).

The Galactic Dimension installation will continue to run at Phæno until September 2015.

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2 Responses

  1. Britanica

    That is amazing! I never got into pinball but I know so many people who loved it. I will have to share this with them. It has to be so loud in person haha I am going to have to see this in person one day. I love new spins on old tech and gadgets.

  2. joan s

    I Love pinball. I think it’s funny how the machines I played on just a couple of decades ago are now called vintage pinball machines.

    That sure is a huge pinball experience there in Germany, but I’m not planning on going there any time soon :(. It looks like they have it down in a big skateboarding pit!

    Remember when Windows XP came out and there was a pinball game on it. Yeah, I played that constantly even though it’s kind of like drinking cocktails when you’re all alone. heh.


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