GAM Hammer 6-in-1 Hides More Tools Inside The Handle

The more tools you have in your toolbox, the more fun.  At least, that's for some of us.  For others, the less crap they have to deal with, the better.  And we imagine those folks are exactly the customers this GAM Hammer 6-in-1 was made for.

Instead of keeping a messy toolbox nearby, you can just keep this single hammer in a drawer and remain ready for a variety of repair tasks.  Whether you need to pry off a popped nail, tighten a loose screw or smash someone in the face with a hammer, you've got all the tools you need within easy reach.

Unlike other multi-tools, the GAM Hammer 6-in-1 doesn't look like a weird mess of folding crap.  Instead, it looks like a regular claw hammer, with an iron head and a solid brass handle.  And, yes, it functions like one, too, so you can drive and pull nails like the best of them.

Screw off the bottom of the brass handle and the rest of the toolset should fall out: four full screwdrivers of varying tips and sizes.    Two Phillips screwdrivers and two flathead screwdrivers come with the set, each one slipping inside the handle of the next bigger tool like a Matryoshka nesting doll.  According to the product page, the smallest one can be used to tighten those tiny screws on eyeglasses.

The GAM Hammer 6-in-1 is available from Thinkgeek, priced at $19.99.


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  1. Edgar

    I can’t believe this is on here. I bought one of these for $15 and i deeply regret that decision. This GAM hammer combo set is a joke. Take a look at the picture. Notice there is no description of size anywhere. That hammer head is, no kidding, the size of your thumb and its super light. Lightweight is NOT what i want in my tools; this is a bludgeoning tool, not a cell phone. Seriously, go find a brick or a rock in your backyard, it will hammer nails better than this. Also, the handle is too small. It’s like trying to drive a nail using a spoon. As for the little screwdrivers inside? They suck. They suck so hard. Super tiny, awkward-to-grip tools. Just go out and get a real hammer and set of jeweler’s screwdrivers.

    • Anonymous

      You did not buy a GAM hammer then. Our hammers are made with an iron head and the handles are brass. You bought a knock off.

  2. susan

    We’ve had one for decades and it has served us well. It might not be appropriate for really big jobs but it has been used in our home over and over. We like it and our daughter wants one for herself.


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