When Folded, GB’s Pockit Stroller Can Fit Inside A Messenger Bag


Every baby stroller can fold into a compact package – that’s, pretty much, a basic requirement for any modern stroller. The GB Pockit Stroller, however, collapses into a size so small, it can fit into a messenger bag, so you can bring it everywhere without any hassle.

Recognized by the Guinness World Records as the smallest baby stroller in the world, it measures just 11.8 x 13.8 x 7 inches when folded.  That makes it small enough to keep in the passenger seat of the car, on the overhead compartment in a plane, or under the table while dining with your child, making for the most convenient way to go anywhere with a stroller in tow.  The folding mechanism requires just two steps to complete, too, requiring no more than a few seconds to go from one mode to another.


When unfolded, the GB Pockit turns into an erstwhile regular stroller for kids aged six months and up, with a seat that can handle small children up to 55 pounds.  A height-adjustable harness allows you to strap down your children for a perfect fit, with protective pads ensuring they’re comfortable the entire time. Swiveling tires make it easy to maneuver around crowded spaces, with a swivel lock for keeping it moving in a straight line on less-than-even ground. Features include a storage basket under the seat (holds up to 11 pounds of gear), two folding modes (compact bag size or self-standing), and a light weight of just 9 pounds.


Available now, the GB Pockit Stroller is priced at $249.99.

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  1. Daniel

    When my girlfriend was pregnant I went out and bought the biggest and nicest stroller I could find. This thing was like an SUV and could go almost anywhere. On the rocky path at the zoo to the sandy fishing spot down at the lake. The one place it had trouble going was in the trunk of my car. Initially it would take use 5-10 minutes just to squeeze it into the trunk of my car. This GB Pockit Stroller will not only fit in my trunk, it could fit anywhere inside of my car. This stroller is what we needed when we flew to Atlanta for vacation. Have you ever tried to travel by airplane with a huge baby stroller? It wasn’t fun.

    Yes there are bigger and fancier strollers you can buy for the same cost as this one, but size is no longer my primary need. Mobility and portability is. If I ever needed to buy another stroller, this would definitely be the one I would choose.

    I also like the fact that there is only 2 steps to folding the stroller up. Some cheap baby strollers require you to fiddle, squeeze, jerk, cuss, and slam in order to get it folded up. The durability of this foldable stroller is going to be much higher than the cheaper baby strollers at Wal-Mart.


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