Gerber’s Mini Paraframe Knife Looks Way Better When Covered In 24K Gold


Some things look good when coated in gold. With others, the shiny finish just makes the thing look absurd.  And while the thought of a gold-plated folding knife sounds like it will fall in the latter group, that’s definitely not the case with the Gerber Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle Edition.

Yes, it’s still the same open frame mini-knife from Gerber’s Paraframe line, except finished with cobalt-hardened 24-karat gold plating from Texas Tool Crafters that gives the folder a special satin sheen.  It still cuts the same way, still folds the same way, and still takes up a small space in your pocket – just with a glorious-looking finish that takes its aesthetics to a whole other level.


The Gerber Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle Edition measures 6 inches long when opened, with the clip point tanto blade taking up 2.2 inches of that length.  A pocket clip allows it to sit in your pocket without moving around, while a frame lock ensures it stays closed when it’s supposed to.  Construction is stainless steel for the handle, with the blade done up from a stronger high-carbon steel to ensure it performs satisfyingly in every pencil-sharpening, package-opening, and sandwich-sliding task it encounters in your presence.  Features include a serrated edge, a skeletonized handle, and a designed that lends itself to one-handed opening.


Available now, the Gerber Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle Edition is priced at $29.99.

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  1. Pete

    Gerber is my favorite brand of knife. They make inexpensive knives that are well-balanced, reliable, and easily available. This Gerber gold-plated knife is one I would definitely buy. I normally don’t buy a gold-plated products, and when I do they are usually collectors items only, but not this knife. The Gerber Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle Edition is only $30. It can be used as a collectible or a good gift item, but I would love to carry and use this. I would get some funny looks from my buddies because when we were fishing, I’d whip this badboy out and I can only imagine the funny looks and comments I would get.

    The entire knife is only 6” long when opened, but for a gold-plated Gerber knife this is still a good value. Gerber has a bad reputation among many knife people, but I don’t understand the hate they have for Gerber. Yes there are higher wuality knifes out there, but for the money you spend a Gerber is a great value. If you lose a Gerber it can be annoying, but it wont break you. If you buy a $100 top-of-the-line knife and then lost it, your going to to be really upset and out a nice chunk of money.

    If you like the Gerber Mini Paraframe Golden Eagle Edition but want to save some money, the you can usually find the Gerber Mini Paraframes for around $10-$13 online.


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