These Goldfish Tea Bags Will Turn Your Cups Into Colorful Mini-Aquariums

People have long gotten creative with their tea infusers, fashioning it into submarines, deep sea divers, and other objects of whimsy.  Yet, tea bags have remained the same boring little sacks they’ve always been.  At least, that was the case until these Goldfish Tea Bags came along.

That’s right, when you dump these tea bags into a hot cup of water, they’ll look like colorful goldfish swimming in a bowl.  No more staring at a boring bag of leaves every time you glance at the tea you’re preparing while at work – with one of these bags being steeped, your cup will look like it’s housing a swimmer straight out of the freshwater aquarium they have lined along the lobby.

Made by Taiwan outfit Charm Villa, the Goldfish Tea Bags feature bags shaped to look like fish, complete with tails and the front of their heads dotted with a beady pair of eyes.  While they look like boring fish-shaped sacks before being thrown into water, the appearance really steps it up when steeped inside a hot cup.  The team designed the bags to include colorful leaves, which show clearly through the sheer material of the bags once it’s swimming in hot water, enhancing the fish-like appearance the longer it stays submerged in the cup.

We can’t find any details about the availability of the Goldfish Tea Bags, but with an internet market that’s willing to pay for a whole lot of novelty stuff, we can’t imagine something this cute not being picked up for production.  Seriously, I’ve traded tea for coffee long ago, but will probably do it several times a week just to enjoy these little things.

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5 Responses

  1. Tami

    This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I wish their site wasn’t in Chinese. I’d love to see how to order them. I couldn’t find them on Amazon (which is surprising since they have everything!) but would have loved to have gotten them for my mother in law. It’s a good thing that I couldn’t have found them though, I would have had to buy glass mugs to watch them swim in. I love the purple. I wonder what other colors they come in.

    • Deborah

      I HAVE seen them on Amazon. They were selling 12 bags for $95.00!!

  2. Stephanie

    This is so cute! I can see my tea-loving friends being entertained by this. Imagine purple, orange and other vibrant fish dancing around in a glass tea pot! Great Christmas gift idea. I too wish you could order this on Amazon or an English-speaking website.

  3. Vickie Pollocks

    I love these!! I want them for my fishing theme wedding . Please help me find them.

  4. deneece

    def need to figure out how to purchase these n how much they is in chinese and i cant find them anywhere 🙁


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