GoPro Omni Brings VR Capture To Your Action Cam Toolbox


Remember GoPro’s 16-unit VR camera? It’s awesome. Problem is, it’s also priced for professional filmmakers with large budgets and, the last time you checked, that wasn’t you. And while the new GoPro Omni isn’t exactly cheap, it should be a whole lot more accessible to everyone who wants to capture their everyday adventures in a 360-degree VR format.

Instead of 16 cameras, the consumer-oriented VR shooter comes with six GoPro Hero4 Blacks arranged in a cube shape. That means, all four sides, along with the top and bottom, are all sporting individual shooters, so you can capture the footage from every possible angle.


The GoPro Omni uses a rigid and lightweight aluminum frame to hold all six cameras in their designated positions, making the whole thing easy to mount onto helmets, handlebars, and any other equipment. All six cameras are designed to function as one, so you only need to interact with the primary camera in the ensemble to have any actions, settings, or adjustments automatically propagated across the array. Everything captured on all six cameras are precisely synchronized at the pixel level, ensuring you won’t have a hard time stitching the individual feeds together during post-production.


Features include the ability to shoot in 8K, a streamlined and Omni-optimized workflow using the GoPro Kolor software, and support for an external power supply, so you can hook the whole thing up to a large battery while filming.

Now available for preorder, the GoPro Omni is priced at $4,999.99.

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  1. Kelly

    As a content creator I’m excited by the GoPro Omni. I love to see that GoPro is continuing to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. It was just a few years ago that GoPro became the leader in action cam sales. There are a lot of new products such as the 4K video action cameras and it looked like the GoPro would begin to lose rapid marketshare, but the GoPro Omni proves otherwise. Brand loyalty among the GoPro brand is very high, so the GoPro Omni can be expected to be a huge success. GoPro has even made the editing process much simpler by automatically syncing and stitching the images together to provide the 360 degree field of view. Yes, the GoPro Omni is expensive, but it will eventually come down in cost. When you compare the GoPro Omni to other 360 degree view cameras you will find that the GoPro Omni is a relative bargain.


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