Hank The Beer Tank Is A Portable Kegerator For Cold Beer On The Go


Kegerators are awesome, letting you keep cold beer on tap whenever you get the hankering for one. Problem is, they’re big and clunky, making them impossible to bring along to tailgates where they can fulfill their true potential. Enter Hank the Beer Tank.

A mini-kegerator, it’s about half the size of traditional systems, making it sized just right for bringing to parties, events, and whatever other excuses people make up for drinking outside the house. That way, you can enjoy the conveniences of a kegerator, whether you’re living it up in a stadium parking lot, a boat, or a backwoods camping spot where people do nothing but watch birds all day.

Hank the Beer Tank can accommodate kegs that measure 1/6th of a barrel (sixtels), as well as 5-gallon homebrew kegs, so you’ve got decent options in the kind of gear you’re going to run with. It comes with its own compressor chiller for keeping your beer cold, with a digital thermostat for keeping things at the exact temperature of your choice. There’s also an integrated Co2 system for keeping the beer fresh and pressurized to perfection for months on end, as well as a collapsible draft tower for better portability. Like other kegerators, you’ll have to keep it plugged in to ensure the beer stays fresh and cold, which can be a problem when taking a kegerator on the road. Fortunately, that concern is fully-addressed, as the system can plug into, practically, any electrical system, from your home’s wall outlets to the truck’s 12-volt outlet to the 24-volt outlet set up on your boat.

Slated to go up for pre-order soon, Hank the Beer Tank will be priced at $699.

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  1. I am a robot

    Very nice way to keep the beer cold. The 700 dollar price tag would take a long time to pay for itself, if you compare it to a plastic tub and a few bags of ice. There’s nothing better than ICE COLD BEER to freeze the brain on a hot day.

    The number one thing I like about this gadget besides it keeping the beer cold (of course), is it is way easier to clean up and move along when you get finished with the beer. No big puddles of mud or carrying giant tubs of melted ice (water) to a safe location to dump.

    But that price tho! 😮

  2. William

    That’s crazy that this has it’s own pressurizing system with a Co2 system! I’m very impressed with this, and definitely can see these being very popular in college dorms (oops!) and more so frat-houses. This would be really cool and handy to have for an outdoor BBQ–and heck why not indoors too? I like how it can plug itself in and be powered traditionally. It definitely doesn’t look impossible to take on-the-go, but I’m curious as to how much it weights. It’s definitely on the higher end price wise, but it’s a pretty cool technology and I’ve never seen anything like it before–which is why it can be so aggressively priced I guess without much fellow competition product-wise. It looks pretty big and bulking in the pictures, but it also serves a pretty hefty purpose-so I guess it makes sense!


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