Hoerboard Stereo.T DJ Stand Can Collapse Into A Portable Bundle For Bringing Along To All Your Shows


Sure, most places you DJ in will provide a table where you can set up your equipment, but wouldn’t you rather have a stand that’s as customized for your needs as the rig you use to play? That’s the idea behind the Hoerboard Stereo.T, a customizable DJ stand that can collapse for convenient transport.

Designed for easy assembly and disassembly, it takes less than ten minutes to put together and break apart, so you can arrive at the venue and be ready to play without too much delay. Whether you’re playing a club show, an art exhibit, or just a random impromptu set at Maker Faire, this thing should let you bring your own stand with the minimum of hassle.


The Hoerboard Stereo.T comes in a T-shape, providing minimal barrier between you and the crowd, so they can enjoy your sick dance moves while you push buttons every couple of minutes and whatever else it is DJs do on stage. It has a custom tabletop that can be customized to your exact equipment, whether you work with classic turntables, DJ controllers, or even a CDJ setup. You can even get multiple tabletop inserts if you find yourself switching between different rigs, ensuring you'll always have a workstation that will take all your equipment flush, with optional accessories available that you can attach onto the assembly, including laptop clips and speaker stands.


Construction is wood for the stand, with some metal elements for the accessories.   It stands 3.3 feet tall, with the tabletop measuring 3.7 x 1.9 feet (w x d). Weight is 75 pounds.

Available now, the Hoerboard Stereo.T is priced starting at €950.

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  1. William

    I really don’t see where the big value is here, or what makes it so unique. In fact, a recent article and product on this site showed you could very well make your own tables and other furnitures by buying the blueprints online, modifying them, and even using your own devices, technology–and presumably soon to be printers and technology to create them yourself. For $1000 there are a lot more options out there, with quality materials, and even added equipment. I just don’t see the ‘flame’ here in which makes it so unique. It honestly looks very basic to me, and the build if anything looks flimsy. Considering the thousands of dollars DJ equipment costs, I’d prefer not to put it on a piece of equipment such as this. What if it were to fold up accidentally? It doesn’t look that solid in terms of build.


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