Holus Tabletop Display Shows 2D Content With Hologram-Like Effects


Like flying cars and hoverboards, tabletop holographic displays are among the many things science fiction promised that we still don’t have to this day. And while I really want the Holus to be that hologram machine, I’m pretty sure it isn’t. That doesn’t mean this doesn’t look like a fun toy, though.

Created by H+ Technology, it’s a display box that turns 2D content from phones, tablets, and computers into 3D holograms that can be viewed from four different angles around it. That way, you can play an actual concert footage of Tupac and make it look like a hologram of Tupac, allowing you to recreate Coachella 2012 right from the comfort of your living room coffee table.


The catch? Holus doesn’t really produce the holograms science fiction promised (just like the Tupac hologram wasn’t). Instead, it appears to use the same old mirror trick that reflected four 2D images on a four-sided glass pyramid to create an image that looks like it’s floating in space, but doesn’t actually bear any real depth. Basically, it’s a digital display that creates a “holographic effect,” rather than an actual hologram – the kind that looks like it’s 3D but when you move to another angle, you still see the exact same thing. Not that a fake holographic display box isn’t awesome all on its own.


Since any content from a phone, tablet, or computer can be viewed on the machine, you can use it to give everything you’ll watch on a regular screen a holographic effect. From games to video calls to… umm… Excel spreadsheets, you can enjoy them all with a floating, 3D-like appearance. It even comes with support for the Leap Motion Sensor and the Emotiv EEG headset, along with an SDK for tweaking it to work with your own projects.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Holus. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at a pricey $850.

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  1. Anthony

    This is a really crazy piece of technology! I’ve seen a few products like this before. For example, some projector-technology for my Droid. I really love the ideas of holograms, and have seen them used in futuristic movies and it’s always so neat. I find it hard to believe that anyone will be able to tell the difference anyway between this and 3 or 4D versus an actual hologram that has depth to it. That would imply that someone’s attempting to touch it, and I don’t want anyone touching or playing with my the tech toys anyway. The price on this one is a fine example of why I feel that way lol. I’d love to watch a TV show on one of these, but would want one that’s much bigger. Do you think this will be the next television technology?

  2. Makky

    this is really neat, but I don’t foresee it being practical for watching movies and TV shows yet. It just isn’t big enough yet! pretty crazy that it can make phone-calls and such. does it link with both apple and droid devices? although it’s pricey, i can see it serving a lot of purposes, including educational both in a school environment and at home. when i was looking up other technology like this for a wallpaper or computer wallpaper on the wall, it also used similar 2d and 3d technology that was based around mirrors. i think practically speaking, it’s unrealistic to be able to sell such holographic-only technology consumers because the lasers and technology involved would be way too pricey for the everyday individuals or techy. has anyone tried one of these things yet before, or something like it?


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