A Weapon Is Never Far Away With This Home Defense Night Stand Next To Your Bed


Does the threat of an alien abduction while you sleep keep you awake at night? Well, it should. Anecdotal evidence proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the threat is real and you could be next. No, really. While it won’t keep nefarious aliens at bay, having to access to a firearm you can quickly retrieve to defend yourself while in bed will probably help you sleep better at night. This Home Defense Night Stand is designed to do just that.

While it looks like a regular bedside table at first glance, it comes with a concealed safe where you can keep a weapon of choice within easy reach. We’re not exactly sure what type of weapons will work on the kind of aliens who perform human abductions on Earth, but even a small handgun that’s part-fashion statement will probably be better than defending yourself with nothing but squirming and screaming out loud.


The Home Defense Night Stand hides the safe along one side (either the left or the right, depending on the model you buy), which is designed to face the side of the bed. The push-button combination lock has five large buttons that are easily accessible from the rear – simply reach around and press the right sequence to trigger the safe to open. Construction is solid rock maple for the side table and metal for the safe, with a compartment large enough to fit a large frame pistol, along with extra ammo in tow. It measures 20 x 21 x 30.5 inches (l x w x h).


Available now, the Home Defense Night Stand retails for $599.99.

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4 Responses

  1. Roger Burr

    This certainly makes for a good defensive measure in case of emergency. And for the $600 price tag, it seems like a good investment in my opinion. Maybe I’ll get it for myself for an early Christmas present. 😀

    • Bradley C.

      I thought the price was sort of high. But when you think about the fact that you are getting a custom piece of furniture at the same time, maybe not so bad.

  2. Greg

    At first I was going to say that this is a little pricey, but when you think about how functional it really is, price doesn’t matter. Cool idea!

  3. Danny Chaney

    Did anyone else notice he said “easy access from the rear” “with a reach around”


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