These Hooded Bath Towels Can Dry Your Kids Off And Dress Them Up As Pop Culture Characters


Like other towels such as the Instakilt, you can use these Hooded Bath Towels to dry off when you’re dripping wet after a stop in the shower. Unlike them, it comes with a hood, so your children can wear the towel like a hoodie for whatever joy it may bring to their lives.

Created by Middle Brained Canvas, it’s a set of bath towels that are custom-sewn into a hooded shawl of sorts. Not just any shawl, but one that’s intended to serve as a costume depicting pop culture characters, such as Harry Potter, Ninja Turtles, and Minnie Mouse.


Each Hooded Bath Towel is made using a 100 percent cotton towel that measures 30 x 54 inches, which is then reinforced with a hood that’s made from a similar towel material, so everything is thick and absorbent enough to dry you off when you need a wipe-down. It comes with decorative elements to complete the character look, including ribbons and mouse ears for Minnie, green pointy ears for Yoda, and dual buns for Princess Leia’s hair. They come in just one size that’s ideal for children, although the wraparound design should allow adults to put it on, too. Sure, it won’t look great as a costume on a 250-pound man, but, by God, that man can wear it if he wants to.


Available from Middle Brained Canvas’ Etsy store, the Hooded Bath Towels are priced starting at $29.

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7 Responses

  1. Maddie

    So cute! I know as a kid I loved these. I wonder if they make adult versions?

    • MandyW

      I don’t know who the spiky green character is but omg it SO cute I just got one for my lil cousin! Can’t wait to see him wear it! 🙂

  2. Nils Weisa

    This is a really cute bath towels. Fun color and fun to use. I’m thinking about getting one, since my 3 yr old doesn’t want to use “regular” bath towels anymore. And it’s great when we wash hair, because I don’t need to use two different towels.

  3. Laurie Salmen

    Excellent… the little boy who got it as a birthday present just loves it.

  4. Alma Rosete Agustin

    We love these hooded bath towels ! A lot of the toddler towels available in stores are microfiber & not very thick. These towels are thick, terry material & are the perfect size for toddlers. We have two & I plan on buying more !

  5. Yolaine Leon

    My daughter loves this. Bath time is more exciting because after she gets to “dress” up as a frog and the other animals we have purchased. Super cute.

  6. William

    These remind me of the snuggles that you can sit and lay inside of while watching tv, soft, comfortable, warm, and even has pockets. It’s cool that these are themed like different animals. I’d love to see one with a special character like Pikachu–my Godson would love it. Hopefully these become more popular and they make more styles–and dare I say sizes? I could see adults squeezing into these too, small adults, and then also making these products available for specifically adults–for the little kid inside us all! If they put feet on these, the kids could walk around with them–maybe adding a zipper but using the same material?


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