HoodieBuddie Puts Headphones In Your Hoodies

You know those dangling strings around the neck of your hoodies? Yes, those strings you never actually use to tighten the hood's fit.  Well, someone found an actual use for it with the HoodieBuddie, which replaces the strings with a pair of earbuds for your tangle-free, on-the-go entertainment.

Created by Jerry Leigh Apparel, the buds are integrated directly on the shirt.  The 3.5mm jack is available from the pocket with all the wires tucked securely within the seams of the clothing.  Just pop your iPod into the front right pocket, pull up the buds to your ear and enjoy your music without having to bring an extra set of cabled earphones along.

The HoodieBuddie will be available in various colors and designs, all of them fitted with earbuds from HB3 Technology.  If you're not familiar with the company, they specialize in outfitting garments with audio and communication tech.  In this case, they took care of integrating the earphones into the hoodies as seamlessly as possible.

Sure, you can probably DIY the same thing into your old hoodies.  Do note that HoodieBuddie's earbuds are completely waterproof, allowing the shirts to be machine-washable without having to take any component off.  Hopefully, the wires are pretty rugged too, because all that tumbling couldn't be good for the cables' longevity.

According to the website, the HoodieBuddie hits retail stores beginning July 1st.  Price is $44, which is a bit steep for the convenience of not having to fiddle with tangled wires, so we're hoping they'll have some nice designs to choose from.

[HoodieBuddie via CrunchGear]

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  1. Cammi

    My headphones always get tangles up and it takes me so long to get them straight! I like how that’s not a problem with this. I can go for a run and not have to worry about how to store my headphones.

  2. Cami

    where did you get it…. the website is waaay to expensive… do you know any other place to get them????

    • Jim

      The hoodiebuddie website tells how to get replacement silicon covers for free. Just send them a self addressed stamped envelope. I need to know where to get replacement headphones. My daughter broke hers and now I would like to replace them without replacing the entire jacket. Any ideas?

      • Karen

        would you have the address i had seen it once but think they took it off there site. I washed mine and need replacement covers. THANKS

  3. Jackie J.

    Can You dry the hoodie using the Dryer after being washed? or does it have to be air dried?

  4. cody

    Does anyone know if you can take the headphones out and put other ones in the jacket????

  5. Logan

    Is there no way to replace the headphones in my sweatshirt? after about 3 months neither of them work

  6. Tori

    I need replacement headphones too. (I accidentally put it in the dryer and they stopped working.) I do know that at the very top of the hood both sides of the earphone strings and the wire for the headphone jack are all connected, and if you make a small cut into the hood by the seam (without cutting the wires of course), you can take out the headphones. Does anyone know where to get actual hoodiebuddie replacement headphones? I’ve tried emailing their customer service email address, but have gotten no response.


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