I Am Chewie Hoodie Lets You Dress Up Like A Wookie


You may not stand eight feet tall and hail from the planet of Kashyyyk, but that doesn’t mean you can’t declare yourself a Wookie roaming the streets of planet Earth. Especially not when you’re decked in this I Am Chewie Hoodie, a garment which makes you look like a part of the hirsute and intelligent species that hail from Chewbacca’s swampy planet.

Created by Welovefine, it’s a hooded sweatshirt clad in Chewbacca’s likeness from the waist up. That way, you can look like Han Solo’s loyal co-pilot, all while retaining your more familiar human facial features.


The I Am Chewie Hoodie is made from a fabric covered in faux polyester fur, giving it a thick pile of coffee-colored hair that resembles Star Wars’ resident walking carpet.   It’s covered with the same mane in every part of the exterior, so you can look like a genuine Wookie from the waist up. Do note, the uniform coat of fur won’t shed water the way an actual Wookie’s would, so unless you want be drenched and pulling a lot of weight in the water, you’ll want to take it off before jumping in a pool like most pieces of Earthly garment. Features include a zip-up front, a cotton liner, and an applique satin bandolier to complete the Chewbacca look.


Available now, the I Am Chewie Hoodie is priced at $60.

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3 Responses

  1. William

    This is a super awesome style design and statement! I like how the target-audience is Women, and the woman model in the advertisement looks pretty attractive. I think this would be cool for an expo event or star-wars fan group, based, meeting time of environment. I can’t see I could see people walking around with them in the mall. But then again, considering how cold it gets here on the East Coast, I wouldn’t be against wearing one of these during Winter, nor would I be surprised to see others wearing it. I like how affordable they made these, and I think it definitely adds to the desirability of this product. I’d expect to see something like this sold at an FYE store or maybe Spencer’s. I don’t know though, looks kind of itchy to wear if you ask me! (I’ve got sensitive skin)

  2. kirsten

    i would love to have one of these for halloween and parties, so cool! definitely not something you see everyday, and plus it looks pretty comfortable too. 🙂 definitely thing it has an ‘official’ look to it and you can tell by the details that the people who made it know their Star Wars.

  3. angelina

    this looks really hot and uncomfortable to wear! but, on the same note, i guess it would be cool to have this for like a party or show or something. but yeah, definitely not my first pick of characters from Star Wars–id rather be the princess! but then again, if i lived in Russia, i bet i’d be wearing this everyday lol.


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