Ideal Conceal Pistol Collapses Into A Smartphone Form Factor


There’s no shortage of small pistols that will be ideal for concealed carry. You will, of course, have to conceal them unless you want to freak people out. Not the case with the Ideal Conceal, a folding pistol that collapses into a form factor that makes it look like a regular smartphone.

That’s right, it’s a collapsible gun that looks like a smartphone with an all-metal case when bundled up, allowing you to have it out in the open without having anyone automatically dial 911. Seriously, you can have it sticking out of your back pocket, carry it in hand at the subway, or even place it on the table during dinner – a gun is easily one of the last things anyone will suspect they’re looking at.


The Ideal Conceal Pistol is a double-barreled 38-caliber derringer that transforms from its phone-like form into a fatal firearm at the click of a button. Like similar guns, it’s meant for short-distance shooting, making it a handy tool to reach for in the event of an imminent threat, with a hammerless firing system for added safety and better ease of use. The button that transforms it into pistol form also serves as the safety, so it’s ready to fire immediately.

It holds two rounds at a time (one on each barrel), so you can get two shots off to subdue an attacker as necessary. Features include a lightweight one-piece frame and a clip on one side for easily snapping onto your pants’ waist.

Slated for availability mid-2016, the Ideal Conceal Pistol is priced at $395.

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5 Responses

  1. Justin Boye

    That is a GREAT price for something that could come in handy on a summer night in an alley. I like it. In terms of protection, it might not be ideal, but it would scare a person away at least.

    • bill morray

      Yeah, now I finally don’t have to worry about those pesky TSA agents taking my rights away whenever I want to get on a plane!

      Just slip this into my carry-on and I’m ready to take down anyone who dares try to threaten my family 3000 ft in the air!!

  2. ryan

    This is great! I used to worry that if I shot someone in a public place, the police would be able to tell that I did it based on the gun in my hand! Now, when I really just need to haul off and blow someone away in a mall, coffee shop, or, hell, even a movie or play, I’ll be secure in the knowledge that in the ensuing chaos, I can totally evade the police, even if they’re doing patdowns!


    • Jason

      Yes , be scared. The legal conceal carry folks are so gonna go and shoot up the town, because that’s what non criminals do right.. This product is aimed at the legal conceal carry persons. Yes as with any product someone always finds a criminal use for them. So let’s ban everything, down with spray paint and cool whip!

  3. Henry

    Not sure how I feel about this. I like the aesthetics of it, and it si a good idea, but if these catch on will people become paranoid of “cell phones”. Will we see an increase in violence? Will cops pull over a minority and then when he reaches for his cell phone the cops shoot him because they think it might be a gun phone? Should we even worry since American is built on a free economy?

    I have a lot of questions in regard to the possible moral ramifications of a product like this. Regardless of my concerns, the product looks like a straight shooter. (hehehe).

    I would LOVE for teachers to have one of these handy so if a school shooting occured they could possible pull it out and kill the shooter before he slaughtered innocent people. In the hands of people who are not mentally ill or drunk, I think this could be an easy way to carry a weapon without standing out and potentially saving lives. I would have no qualms about my daughter carrying one. It would come in handy if she was ever attacked.


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