You Can Comfortably Drag The Igloo All Terrain Cooler Through Grass, Sand, And Other Rugged Terrain


Taking a cooler to outdoor events is easy enough. Lugging it with you if plan to move around, however, is another thing entirely (unless you were prepared enough to bring a cooler cart). Not the case with the Igloo All Terrain Cooler, a line of ice boxes armed with rugged 10-inch pneumatic tires that you can comfortably drag over rocks, sand, and other rough terrains.

Whether at the beach, tailgate, or camp, you can haul these coolers with just one hand, dragging them through uneven surfaces without using up an inordinate amount of strength. Granted, you can’t be dead tired and still pull a full-to-the-brim 330-pound cooler comfortably, but with the wheels in tow, they require 80 percent less force to move compared to conventional ice chests.


The Igloo All Terrain Cooler comes in 70-, 100-, 120-, 150-, and 165-quart sizes, making them ideal for large parties, extended getaways, and even commercial applications. For reference, the smallest size can hold 114 12-ounce cans, while the largest can fit a whopping 288 cans of your favorite drinks. Like any heavy-duty cooler, it comes with a foamed lid and body that can keep ice for an entire week at 90 degrees Fahrenheit weather, with a snap-lock latch on the lid to prevent accidental opening. Other features include an ergonomic tow handle for dragging on the ground, a swing-up side handle for lifting in and out of your 6X6 Truck, a threaded drain plug for hooking up a hose, and a liner that’s resistant to odor and stains. There’s even a quick-access hatch (only on the larger models), so you can grab a cold beer without letting all the cold air escape.


Available now, the Igloo All Terrain Cooler is priced starting at $149.99.

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  1. harry

    Haha this was an awesome idea! Especially for camping or if you just live in somewhere with rugged terrain like WV. The tires look super durable, and the weight capacity is really impressive, that’s awesome! The diameter measurements make this product appear to be very flexible and nearly as if you could get a good few days worth of food–or just simply a good few cases of beer inside lol! 288 cans!? that’s crazy! this reminds me of the mobile-bar that I saw on COOLTHINGS the other day. supply and demand i guess! i like the idea of a quick access hatch so your other beers, food, or drinks don’t get warm or less-cool after each time you open it to grab one or something out of it. that’s neat that they made it in different sizes, and i presume respectfully different prices to make it most practical to multiple audiences or consumers. cool stuff!


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