Ikea Indoor Garden Simplifies Hydroponics For The Rest Of Us


Ikea built a thriving business out of flat-packed furniture that you can put together by following straightforward instructions.  And now, they’re bringing that same process to home hydroponics with the Ikea Indoor Garden.

That’s right, the same company you rely on for affordable bookshelves, writing tables, and… uh… meatballs is looking to bring hydroponic gardening to the mainstream. No more setting up specialized gear or dealing with small startups when you want to get a soil-free home garden running – just head to the nearest Ikea to pick up either new equipment or a fresh batch of supplies.


The Ikea Indoor Garden collection consists of different kits, each of which includes everything you need to set up a hydroponics garden.  That includes seeds that you place on sponge-like plugs in a watered tray, where they will be allowed to germinate in the sun.  Once those seeds sprout, they’re moved to proper planters that contain absorbent pumice in place of soil, which you then position under a grow light as you wait out the weeks or months necessary for your plants to mature.

While not as simple as Click and Grow’s module-based system, it’s still straightforward enough that even complete novices should be able to handle setting up their own countertop gardens with ease.  IKEA will start out with lettuce and herbs for their inaugural collection, with plants to branch out in other produce further down the line.

Ikea stores will begin carrying the Indoor Garden starting in April.

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  1. Larry W.

    Every time I see something like this I think, “awesome, I can start my herb garden”. It never ends up that way though. I fail every time. Maybe this one will help me to succeed.

  2. Pete

    This is a great way to get introduced into the World of hydroponics. Hydroponics kits such as this one from Ikea are often ordered and used as an introductory set. Once you get your feet wet in growing Hydroponically people tend to want to grow their set-up into something more feasible with higher yield. The benefit of dealing with some of these 3rd party vendors is that they specialize in Hydroponics. If you research and get a set-up that is easily expandable, then you will be making a good value investment. If you get an inexpensive hydroponic home-growing kit, you may not have the success you wanted and think that growing hydroponically is hard. Hydroponics is very simple to grow, the key is to have a kit that allows you to easily automate everything from nutrient levels to indoor grow-lights.

    For many years a lot of people seemed to think a Hydroponics grow kit was designed specifically to grow marijuana. For years High Times magazine advertised different hydroponics set. Its fun to see these “anti-hydroponics” people learn that a lot more can be grown that just marijuana. Hydroponics can be a very efficient method to grow fruits and vegetables, but I can’t see this Ikea kit working beyond using it as an introductory primer to the World of Hydroponics.


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