ILoveHandles Switchboard Crams 25 Hooks In A Single 30-Inch Wide Coat Rack


Most coat racks come with less than half a dozen hooks to stores your jackets, scarves, and bags, which, let’s be honest, isn’t nearly enough to accommodate every piece of gear everyone in the house will probably need to hang on it. Not the case with the ILoveHandles Switchboard, which comes with more than two dozen hooks while taking up no more space than a conventional wall-mounted coat rack.

Truth be told, it doesn’t even look like a coat rack when the hooks aren’t in use. That’s because each of the hooks fold up without any weight on them, making the whole thing look like a decorative wood panel and disguising its utilitarian character.


The ILoveHandles Switchboard measures 30 x 5 x 1 inches (w x h x d), making it around the same size as most conventional wall-mounted coat racks. While sporting similar dimensions, it certainly maxes out the storage capabilities like no other, coming with 25 triangular wooden hooks, so you can quit stacking multiple garments on a single hook to make everything fit. Granted, trying to cram 25 thick winter jackets in that space seems ambitious, although you could probably pull it off with slightly more work at creative arrangements.


Do note, there are more than 25 wooden panels on the coat rack, with those that can’t be used as hooks serving as cover for the mounting hardware. The whole thing is constructed in fine-looking beech wood.

Available now, the ILoveHandles Switchboard is priced at $65.

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  1. Bart

    Hey now I really like this. Will it truly hold up if I have like 20 heavy jackets hanging on it simultaneously? I’m just curious because my last coat hanger flexes when you place more than 3-4 winter coats on it.

    I really like the design of the ILoveHandles Switchboard. Theres nothing protruding out when there is nothing hanging on it. The beechwood looks good, but I’d prefer a deep red mahogany.

    It is a simple design, yet I am not craft enough to duplicate this in a woodshop. I am glad that great designs are being used for all sorts of products besides just tech items.


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