IndieSolo Gives Smartphone Cameras A Convenient Handle Grip


We’re at a point where our smartphone cameras are powerful enough to let us produce amateur videos with really good quality. Problem is, the smartphone’s form factor remains far from ideal for steady camera work. That’s where the IndieSolo comes in.

Made by Grip Gear, the accessory allows you to hold the smartphone with a natural grip for shooting videos, ensuring you’re not only able to keep the camera steady, but you can pan, tilt, and move into any direction with unprecedented ease and control. Whether you’re shooting a peaceful nature scene, a raucous children’s birthday party, or an amateur zombie movie starring your friends, a smartphone should be a plenty capable camera with the aid of this tool in tow.


The IndieSolo consists of a vertical handle, with a dock for clamping on a smartphone in landscape orientation. Dock is adjustable, so it should be able to handle any current smartphones, regardless of size, with an integrated tripod for standing the whole thing on a flat surface for hands-free video capture. That way, you can just lay it down on a table, sit in front of the camera, and prattle on whatever paranoid theories you have about aliens, ancient aliens, and the conspiracy surrounding them. Features include an ergonomic-shaped handle to enable a strong grip, folding tripod legs for easy portability, and a universal quarter-inch connector at the bottom for use with other camera accessories.


Available as an Amazon exclusive, the Grip Gear IndieSolo is priced at $79.99.

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  1. William

    This is really awesome, and will make creating DIY videos much more easy, and fun! I could definitely see these being a big hit on college campuses. It looks really sturdy, and well-made, and the price doesn’t seem ridiculous at around $80. Honestly, I’ve seen plenty of much less-intricate and durable looking ‘tripods’ for much more in stores across the board. Is it water-proof? I bet this could be fun to use to take selfies and self-videos too out and about in the night. It doesn’t look too big or bulky to squeeze into my laptop backpack. I’d love to get one of these set up in the yard and record the behaviors of my Dogs when no-ones around. I always wondered what they’re up to out there for so long!


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