InsideCoach Is A Smart Soccer Ball That Tracks Your Performance And Provides Coaching Advice


We’ve already seen a smart basketball that tracks key metrics to improve certain aspects of your game, making it a very useful training tool. Which is why, we’ve long been expecting to see a similar approach for other sports. Soccer fans can stop waiting now with the introduction of InsideCoach, a smart soccer ball.

A training ball, it collects pertinent data during practice sessions in the field, logging every touch and every pass you make, along with its force and trajectory, as well the ball’s speed and spin. It then takes that information and turns it into coaching cues designed to help players make improvements in their game.


The InsideCoach soccer ball comes with motion sensors that allow it to collect its data accurately, with onboard WiFi handling the communication with the accompanying mobile app and support for Qi wireless charging (just set it down on top of a Qi pad to recharge). It passes data to the app in real time, allowing someone on the sidelines to monitor it while you put in field time and making it easy to check your stats as soon as you finish practice. Aside from providing coaching cues, the app comes with how-to videos that demonstrate specific skills you should work on, stores your historical profile for long-term reviews, and social gaming elements for competing with your friends.

The ball itself looks like any regular soccer ball, with molded polyurethane construction, a multi-layer backing to retain shape over time, and a latex bladder inside. It comes in two sizes: one for kids under 12 and one that’s regulation-sized.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for InsideCoach. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $99.

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  1. Alicia

    What a fantastic idea for people looking to up their soccer game. It’s mind-blowing what kinds of things are available today. My daughter is pretty new in her soccer journey but her dream has always been to go pro. She spends a lot of time practicing with her friends and her coach, but this would make it possible for her to give her coach even more information to go off of. I love how the data collected by the ball is transferred to the app, which offers instant tips to get even better at the game. I’m so amped to be able to track her progress as she’s in her meets. Can’t wait to grab one! $99 is nothing!


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