Just Shake The Instant Dry Umbrella Once And It’s Completely Dry


If you’re coming in from the rain and keeping yourself dry with an umbrella, that umbrella is going to be dripping wet. Yes, even if it's a Magic Unicorn Umbrella. At least, that’s the case if you’re using any umbrella other than this Instant Dry Umbrella, which can go from wet to dry with nothing but a simple shake.

That’s right, all you have to do to dry this umbrella is get out of the rain and shake the water off. No wringing, no leaving someplace where it can dry off, and no wiping down – just a shake or two should be enough to take all the water out, leaving it ready for storing in a bag or hanging on a hook indoors.


The Instant Dry Umbrella manages its water-shedding talents by using a canopy that’s cut in water-repellent fabric. As such, any rain drop that comes across its surface should simply slide down, with any lingering ones easily shaken off once you get in from the rain. Like other canopy fabrics, it will also shut out 99 percent of ultraviolet rays, so it should be as handy in the summer as it is during the brief drizzles of spring. Features include a three-fold design so you can squeeze it into your gear bag, a flat handle for an easy grip, and an anti-slip material to ensure it holds in place. It comes in two colors: red and blue.

Available from the MOMA Store, the Instant Dry Umbrella is priced at $48.

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  1. Michael

    Up until a few years ago I would have never paid a premium price for an Umbrella like this one, but I flew into Portland and had to walk around out in a pouring rain. The Taxi dropped me off at the address I gave him, but it was the wrong address. I was in the right area though so I had to rush around on foot until I found the right building for my meeting. I rushed in and fortunately I wasn’t late. My boss and the client were in the lobby waiting for me. I felt fortunately I was prepared because I had bought an umbrella at the airport. I shut the umbrella, and then hit the slide open button again and it popped back open and water flew out at my boss and the client. I was mortified.

    Pro tip: Never buy an umbrella from the airport because you will pay too much AND practice with it a couple times. You regular umbrella users may think this is dumb, but when you have never really used an umbrella before it is good to know how to open and close it.

    I like the Instant Dry Umbrella simply for the fact is will slide open easier than my cheap one. $48 is a good value for the Instant Dry Umbrella. It is a simple, yet very efficient umbrella design. I would also use this on sunny days to shield oyt the cancer causing UV rays. I love this umbrella.


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