iStick Is A Thumb Drive For iPhone And iPad

One of the most annoying things about iOS devices is the lack of a facility for hooking up extra storage. Sometimes, using an SD card or a thumb drive is just way more efficient for transferring files than any of the commercial or private cloud solutions out there. The iStick is a thumb drive that can work with both computers (via USB) and iOS devices (via Lightning), finally creating a simple way to get files to and from Apple's mobile gadgets without going through the hassle of iTunes.

Created by Hyper, it's an Apple MFi-certified thumb drive that comes with both a USB and Lighting connector. Whether for transferring movies from the PC to an iPad, moving an ebook collection from an iPod Touch to a Mac, or copying the entire photo gallery from your iPhone to your mom's iPhone (hey, mom wants a copy of all your selfies), this should do the trick.

The iStick has a sliding switch that controls which connector is exposed, so switching from one to the other takes just one flick of a thumb. Combined with the iStick mobile app, you can play media directly from the flash drive (with support for formats not native to iOS), as well open files from a variety of apps (no need to transfer), conduct file management, and even backup files from your iOS device to the thumb drive.

It comes in a variety of storage capacities, from 8GB to 128GB, with 2.5MBps read speed and 1.9MBps write speed over the Lightning connection. Dimensions are 51.6 x 28.6 x 9.1 mm, with either ABS plastic or aluminum construction for the drive case.

Kickstarter campaign is currently running for iStick. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $79.

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  1. Gary R

    You can already do this with the iphone/ipad camera accessory adapter. In comparison to this idea:

    Pros/Cons for this device:
    Pro (only one): The USB and lightning connector are built into the same device for easy usage

    Con: It seems this device is a fixed capacity, so you have to purchase based on memory size and you can’t change.
    Con: You must have a USB enabled device to load content onto (can’t connect it to another tablet, etc)
    Con: One way transfer to the iphone/ipad (upload to iOS device only, can’t download from iOS to this drive)

    Pros/Cons for the existing camera adapter:
    Pro: You can get it for $10 or less and it’s already built
    Pro: You don’t need a USB capable device since
    Pro: You can supply and switch between your own memory card in various formats and various sizes at any time
    Pro: Because you can use a variety of memory card formats, you can move data from any device with a memory card slot (PCs, tablets, phones, etc) and are not limited to just a USB capable device.
    Con: You need to provide your own memory card
    Con: One way transfer to the iphone/ipad (upload to iOS device only, can’t download from iOS to this drive)

    So the capabilities of this concept is exactly the same as the existing camera adapter, except with the camera adapter you can get the device for $10 or less and any number of memory card formats in any number of sizes for less than the cost of this concept which comes in a fixed size only.

    In my opinion, the existing camera adapter already fills the requirement of this concept in a cheaper and much more flexible format.


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