Someone Made Leather Coolers To Class Up Your Tailgates And Picnics


You love leather. It’s refined, it’s sophisticated, and it looks good on a heck of a lot of things you own, from the seats on your Beemer to the briefcase you carry to work to the fancy shoes you pair with those custom-tailored suits. But, surely, there’s no way leather can class up the loud and boisterous tailgates you attend during game night? Turns out, that couldn’t be more wrong, as this set of Brown Leather Coolers can attest.

Made by Jayson Home, it’s a set of coolers that are covered up in dark brown leather, making them look more like smaller luxury trunks than insulated containers for keeping your beers cold. These look so nice, you should be able to get away with parking one right next to your cubicle at work, so you can keep access to a stash of cold beverages without having to walk over to the pantry fridge every time you run out. Heck, you can even use them as decorative storage boxes around the house, leaving your coolers plenty useful, even without plans for a picnic or tailgate any time in your immediate future.


Jayson Home’s Brown Leather Coolers use standard Coleman coolers, bringing the brand’s proven insulation technology into the classy set of cooling chests. It comes in three sizes, 10 liters, 54 liters, and 66 liters, so whether you’re packing drinks for a solo day hike or a party, there’s a suitable classy cooler ready to serve your needs. Each one has an exterior that’s fully-covered in leather from the body to the rigid handles, with hand-stitched detailing at the seams.


Available now, pricing for the Brown Leather Coolers start at $385.

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  1. William

    This is really nice, but I hope nobody tries to steal it! It’s also a little tacky looking in my opinion. I wouldn’t take this on a tailgate, but maybe for an at-home celebration or event or something. Also, the price is really steep, but I guess you get what you pay for: genuine leather. I would be concerned though about the alcoholic and other beverage exposure and detrimental effects or shock of the leather over time. Is there a special sealant on it to protect it from such accidents? I sure hope so for $400.


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