Jetsurf Is A Lightweight, Compact 35MPH Motorized Surfboard


Tired of always coming in just short of a wave because you suck at paddling?  Fix your problem like any self-respecting dude would: cheat.  And by cheating, we mean trading in your board for a Jetsurf, a motorized surfboard that lets you run after waves at high speeds.

Created by F1 engineer Martin Sula, the board, essentially, combines surfing with jet skiing, creating a whole new way of enjoying the beach.  As such, you can ride it in the waves like a surfboard or use it to navigate coasts like a stand-up motorized kayak, zipping through paddle boarders because annoying people is fun.

The Jetsurf weighs a mere 30 pounds, making it considerably lighter than a jet ski, all while being able to clock speeds of up to 35 mph on the water.  The company bills it, in fact, as the only motorized water vehicle that's compact enough to take with you during travels as personal luggage, which makes it very convenient to bring along.  It comes in three models: Ultra Sport, Factory and Pro Race.  All three have similar designs, with carbon fiber and Kevlar construction, as well as an electronic leash that acts both as throttle and emergency kill cord.

The Ultra Sport is the basic model, with max riding speed of 30 mph, while the Factory steps it up to 34 mph.  The Pro Race is the competition board designed for more advanced riders, with a special sport carburetor and a max speed of 35 mph.

Pricing for the Jetsurf starts at $10,000.

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11 Responses

  1. Mike

    10k is way to much the design and concept is incredible couldn’t imagine the feeling but with whats involved in terms of material and engine it would only cost them no more than 600 dollars to build that’s more than a 15,000% mark up hopefully when someone mainsteams the whole process it will be around 2 k because my jetski was 10k.

  2. Jason

    Price point way too high for most people. $2-5k with a decent warranty would be reasonable. Once all the rich people are done with theirs I might pick up a used one. Lol $10-20k is just ridiculous. Knock offs are sure to pop up quickly.


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