Joseph Joseph Can-Do Reinvents The Can Opener Into A Smaller, Cleaner, Lefty-Friendly Device

At first glance, the Joseph Joseph Can-Do looks like a kitchen timer.  So much so, that the first time you see it, you’ll probably be twisting the knob and pushing that button, wondering why your timer isn’t starting.  But that’s because it isn’t an alarm that you can set to time your pot roast.  Instead, it’s a new can opener that brings several advantages over traditional versions of the kitchen staple.

Shaped like a puck, the compact can opener is way easier to store than traditional can openers that come with cumbersome handles, letting you squeeze it into tiny nooks of even the most crowded drawers.  It’s easier to hold, too, as you just put your hand around the entire thing, making it suitable for both left- and right-handed individuals.

To use, place the Can-Do Can Opener over the can lid and twist the knob on top to grip the can edge until it locks into place.  Once that’s done, you simply continue twisting the knob until the whole lid comes off.  The lid will attach to the can opener when it’s fully removed, so there’s no chance it falls into the contents of your Gourmet Food in a Can, with the button on the side allowing you to release it straight into the garbage bin.

Designed by Mark Sanders, the Can-Do measures 2.6 x 2 x 2 inches (w x d x h), so it’s probably the most compact can opener you’re ever going to find.  It cleans easy, too – just wipe with a damp cloth and you’re done.

The Joseph Joseph Can-Do is available now, priced at $16.99.

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  1. April Hoff

    I was just in the supermarket two days ago and bought a can-opener, made in USA, of course. It cost around six bucks, but it’s manual. I could get an electric one for fifteen, but I am not very coordinated with those kind of can openers.

    Anyway, back to the supermarket topic. The lady ahead of me in the grocery line remarked about the can opener I was buying, and she said it looks like it would work for a lefty (I guess she was left handed). So she asked me where did I find it, and I sent her towards the canned green beans.

    I wish I would have known about this Can-Do opener, I would have told her all about it. Who knows, maybe I would have made a new friend!

    I eat a lot of stuff straight from the can, even though I have been hearing some negative stuff about cans lined with plastic, I would love to have one of these doohickeys to hide in my room 😉


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