June Intelligent Oven Can Identify What You Want To Cook And Make Its Own Settings


The countertop oven is a kitchen workhorse, performing baking, broiling, and toasting duties, among a whole host of other tasks. Well, it’s about to become more so with June, an intelligent oven that can set its own time and temperature based on what you place inside its cooking chamber.

Using an onboard camera, the oven can identify 15 different categories of food, including chicken, cookie dough, and pizza. You can even use the same camera to watch the food cook remotely from a phone, so you can check up on those brownies while you lounge in the living room in front of the TV.   It also has a built-in weighing mechanism, whose reading it combines with the type of food to suggest a specific cooking time and temperature for the dish, which you can approve or override.


An integrated 5-inch touchscreen and knob allow users to control June’s settings directly from the oven, so you don’t need a phone to operate it, much like the oven currently in your countertop. It’s quite the powerful cooking machine, too, with high-volume convection fans that can speed up cooking by 25 percent, carbon-fiber heating rods that allow it to reach 350-degrees Fahrenheit in a little over four minutes, digital TRIAC controllers that manage the oven temperature, and an advanced insulation that keeps the exterior cool to the touch even while food cooks inside. Two built-in temperature probes also allow it to monitor exact temperatures inside the oven, enabling it to adjust temperature and change how it cooks on the fly (it can, for instance, bake and then broil a chicken, all on its own). With a cooking area measuring one cubic foot, it won’t exactly let you make turkey, but it’s about the same size as the current-generation of countertop ovens, so it can cook a whole load of stuff all the same.


The June Intelligent Oven is currently collecting preorders, priced at $1,495. A deposit of $95 reserves you one of the first-run units when it’s ready in the spring of next year.

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4 Responses

  1. Anthony

    Wow! Incredible technology and concept. But geeze, the price just seems abusively excessive in my opinion. Honestly, I can see the price substantially dropping then in 3-7 years if they want to maintain business and continue pumping out products and technology like this. I’ve definitely never seen anything like this before, but can appreciate the high calibre technology and various features it has. Very cool idea to incorporate in-phone monitoring and controls through an app to go along with this oven. It’s pretty crazy that this oven is programmed to recognize foods and dedicate-adjust temperatures and treatment of foods on its own. Just think what hackers could do with this technology! It’s really nice, but a great reputation brand over, toaster oven like this costs what, $600 max? I just don’t see the price justification here, but to each their own.

  2. Amy

    But can it talk? Haha, now that would be impressive. The price tag does seem a bit excessive, but at the same time, there’s not much of a market for these smart-technology kitchen appliances, so I guess it’s sort of a ‘free for all’. Definitely props for coming up with this idea though, and I like how it syncs with the phone. That’s awesome how you can change temp settings last minute or while on the go? Does that mean you can change it long-distance over WIFI too, or shut it down if necessary? Say, if you forgot to shut it off when you ran to the store. It looks super high-tech though, shows you how modern appliances are getting.

  3. maxine

    thats crazy that they came up with an insulation technology that keeps the outside of such a (300F+) hot device cool and safe to the touch–especially for those of us with kids! carbon fiber is a very unique, durable, and technologically advanced material, and it’s no wonder cooking times can be sped up to 25% or more what you’d experience with a normal toaster-oven. this is really expensive, but for smart-technology it’s never really cheap either. besides, you get what you pay for in both the short and long run.

  4. manny

    so a device thats reading what the food products are through imaging-technology? incredible! the fact that it can bake, broil, toast and more makes it a very universally accredited product, and i can see this in addition to the technology it uses as being a justification for the price range.


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