Jurassic World Brawlasaurs: Finally, Toy Dinosaurs That Will Battle Each Other To Extinction


We love dinosaurs because they’re monstrous and menacing beasts, so if we’re going to play with toy dinosaurs, we want them to act accordingly. And by "accordingly," we mean, they fight each other in a duel to the death. Go head-to-head in a prehistoric battle is exactly what these Jurassic World Brawlasaurs do.

Made by Hasbro, the dinos are designed to bash, slash, and bite each other, in order to establish a pecking order in the wild. Granted, they won’t bleed, lose a limb, or die gruesome deaths like real dinosaurs in an actual confrontation, but that’s actually a good thing, since that means you can have them duel over and over to your heart’s content.


The Jurassic World Brawlasaurs have tails that you can wind up to prepare them for attack. Have two (or more) face each other in a pit, then let the tails go to commence dino-on-dino violence. A healthy selection of dinosaur species are available to serve as your dino gladiators of choice, including a velociraptor, a triceratops, a carnoraptor, a T-rex, and more. Sorry, no Indominus Rex because that beast will likely eat every single one of these dinos without breaking a sweat.  If dinosaurs sweat, that is.


The game actually comes with rules based on rock, paper, and scissors. To be precise, a slash beats a bash; a bite beats a slash; and a bash beats a bite. That is, of course, if both dinos remain standing after a destructive clash.

Available now, pricing for the Brawlasaurs start at $5.99.

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  1. army joe

    these are pretty awesome. i remember when they used to have the little boxing-guys with a similar hook up to this, and you’d have to slap down on the buttons to try to knock the other guys man out first before knocked down–lots of fun, easy to set up, and keeps the kids busy forever! gotta love the dinosaur theme, pretty sweet! i think it’s cool how they’re using the rules of rock, paper, scissors to determine hows going to win–plus skill of course! its nice to see toys once and a while that actually show promise to be affordable to buy for the kids. especially since they’re so prone to getting broken anyway a lot of the time.

  2. Michael Coleman

    It’s a good thing these toy dinosaurs don’t bleed or lose limbs, as you pointed out – because then they wouldn’t be appropriate for the kids (but who knows in today’s ever violent world) – Another interesting point you bring up – Do dinosaurs sweat? Or, I mean DID they? – Hasbro should have put some sweat glands on these beasts, haha.

  3. Christina

    hey, i mean, if anything, with kids playing games like GTA now a days it gives the impression that theres really no limits. i remember though back in the day with the rock-em-bop em boppers and other gadgets like this i mean they all commonly promote a fighting or violence like theme–it just seems second nature with a lot of toys for kids and teens. i like all the different neat colors and designs, do they have different types of toy-matches too to play with these? wish they had free-roam or free-track for them so you could fight them wherever and however you want.


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