These Wood-Like Kaffeeform Cups And Saucers Are Made Using Recycled Coffee Grounds


Yes, we know you love your coffee. But when you really love your coffee, wouldn’t you want to drink it from a cup made from coffee, too. Impossible? It used to be, but not anymore with Kaffeeform, a new material that can be used to produce durable and washable tableware.

Developed by Julian Lechner, the new material combines the coffee grounds with various raw ingredients, creating a formulation that’s both fascinating and unique. He doesn’t exactly say what those other materials are, but the results are impressive, with the new formulation able to produce tableware that’s as good as any sitting in your kitchen.


Kaffeeform’s first product is a cup-and-saucer set that should finally allow coffee drinkers to enjoy their steaming hot joe on a vessel made from discards of previously-brewed cups of the same beverage, making for an instant conversation piece, whether you’re serving a group of guests at home or a large group post-dinner. More fascinating, though, is the appearance. The cups and saucers all bear a unique marblewood appearance and the unmistakable scent of coffee, both of which are a direct result of the recycled ingredients included in the formulation. Now, imagine those same characteristics on plates, bowls, and other dining table staples -- pretty awesome.


As of now, Kaffeeform is only producing the cups and saucers in small batches. You can order directly from the outfit when they show up at festivals, as well as online via their website. Price is €25 for a cup and saucer set, with discounts available for volume orders.

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3 Responses

  1. Britanica

    What a neat way to recycle! I know a few coffee lovers that this would make a great gift for. I do wonder how well they would hold up. I mean glass breaks quite easy, specially when used with hot/boiling water over and over again. Either way, I am book marking this as a reminder for a gift idea.

  2. joan s

    Wow, those dishes are kind of weird, especially since they have a smell to them. I dont think that would be good to put sandwiches or toast on for serving. I’m not saying that coffee has a bad smell, I’m saying I’m not sure if I want my food to smell like coffee.

    You know what’s even weirder than these coffee dishes? The fact that I have been saving coffee grounds for three years! I had a plan, in the beginning, to recycle them into my garden outside. I didnt do it the first year, and then the past two years, I was not able to have a garden at all.

    So, I have all these coffee grounds sitting in big cans – not sure what to do with them! If only I had their secret dish recipe 🙂

  3. william

    This is so sweet (literally)! Can you actually taste it? Wow, looks yummy. What would be the proper way to wash something like this? I think most of all I respect and appreciate the environmentally-friendly aspect of this dish-ware. It’s definitely original I’ll give you that. It’s a little pricey, but then again, how many of these would have a need for anyway? I’m surprised they don’t have these in Starbucks yet. In my opinion they’d be a huge marketing tool and big-sales hit! Especially if they not only used them inside of the cafes (advertise), but also sold the products to customers. Are there any review online for these yet? I couldn’t find any personally, but would be willing to buy a cup or two. Love my daily coffee!


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