Kammok Roo Is A Camping Hammock Designed For Quick Setup

Everybody loves hammocks.  Until they camp with one and find themselves cold with an aching back.  And lots and lots of marks.  Of course, there are good hammocks, too, and the Kammok Roo looks like it belongs with that pack.

Designed for single-person comforts (which means you'll be forcing it to hold two), the hanging bed measures 10 feet long  and 5 feet 7 inches in width, with a maximum capacity of 500 lbs.   It also comes with a small water-resistant compression sack that lets you cram everything into a bundle for comfortably hanging from one of your backpack's loops during hikes and trips.

The Kammok Roo is made from the proprietary LunarWave, a lightweight nylon fabric with some special qualities that make it ideal for hammock use.   The material is both rip-resistant (perfect for heavy-duty outdoor lounging) and breathable (so it helps balance out the temperature), all while being "softer than a baby's backside" (seriously, it's their official line).  According to the creators, you can lie flat on it, too, so you don't have to suffer back pain after falling asleep for extended periods.

Each end of the hammock features UV- and mildew-resistant climbing ropes tied to an aluminum wire-gate carabiner.  To set up, you tie the two included Phyton Straps (10 feet long and 0.75 inch wide) to a sturdy fixture (like a tree or a post).   The straps have 18 built-in hanging points, where you can hook up the carabiners to get the hammock suspended.  You can also use those same hanging points to secure the straps to the structure, so there's no need to tie knots, making it considerably easy to set up.

While currently still listed at Kickstarter, the Kammok Roo has already surpassed its target funding, so manufacturing is likely on the way.   Regular units will retail for $74.95 each.




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  1. Seth Haber

    I think it’s important to point out that the Kammok idea isn’t exactly new or revolutionary. Trek Light Gear has been making lightweight travel hammocks for nearly 10 years and charity has always been a crucial part of our company mission as well (for example, a tree is planted in an area that desperately needs reforestation for every single hammock sold). While it will be interesting to see what Kammok does with the attention it’s receiving, it’s clear from the emails and calls we’ve been receiving that there are many purchasing this product who are unaware that the Kammok business model is essentially a copy of what’s already been available (along with many accessories) in a tried and tested form for many years.

  2. HelloGiggles – ITEM OF THE DAY

    […] learn more about Kammok or purchase a Kammok ROO and the Python Straps suspension here. Image via Coolthings.com Hesley Harps is an actor, comedian, and writer from Alpharetta, GA. She lives in Los Angeles […]

  3. Boo Hiss

    Would you like a little cheese with that WHINE. I have three words for you; Free Market Economy! Is this what you call aversion marketing?


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