Kiba Smart Camera Can Autonomously Document Your Life In 20-Second Video Clips


Do you spend a good chunk of time taking photos and videos of your family and home life, whether for building a private collection or sharing in social media? Sure, it’s fun, but it’s also a lot of work. While you can go the Kardashian route and hire an entire film crew to capture your day, we’re guessing Kiba will prove to be a more affordable solution.

A smart camera for capturing home movie clips, it can autonomously identify moments worth preserving and capture them all on its own. Not just that, it can collect all the stills and videos it captures throughout the day, then curate them based on a custom algorithm, picking the best ones and uploading them to the servers automatically.


Kiba is a smart camera that you simply set down on any surface where plenty of interactions usually happen throughout the day, whether it’s the living room, the kitchen, or the backyard during a family reunion. Once set down, it will go to work, automatically recording 20-second clips of whatever comes across its 94-degree field of view, which it curates into the best five clips it managed to snag throughout the day (you can adjust the amount via the app). Aside from that, you can also bark commands that trigger it to shoot and upload 30 second clips (“Kiba, record”), as well as take selfies (“Kiba, selfie”). Videos can even be automatically compiled into collages, complete with music, transitions, and sound effects.

It can shoot 1080p video at 30 fps, along with 13 megapixel stills. Features include dual low-noise and long-range mics, onboard connectivity (WiFi and Bluetooth), and a battery rated at 3 hours of continuous operation, so you might want to keep this plugged in throughout the day.

Slated to ship in June, Kiba is now available for preorder, priced at $199.

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  1. Chrissy

    While I like the idea of having your own little “personal assistant” to help capture some of the most important moments in your life, this also creeps me out to be honest. I mean, that makes this little device seem like a human and that just gives me the shivers on one level. On another level, I want to see this smart camera in action. I love that you can customize your own algorithm to help the camera select the best shots and videos. It’s so neat that you can go into the app and update your preferences, such as how many moments you want it to send to the servers at the end of the event you’re recording. 13 megapixels is not too shabby at all.


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