You Can Bring The Kjaro Umbrella Inside Even When It’s Dripping Wet


From shrugging off 70 MPH winds to boasting unbreakable frames, we’ve seen some cool innovations on umbrellas the past few years. Regardless of how awesome they’ve been, every single one of those umbrellas will need to be left outside to dry after coming in from the rain. Not the case with the Kjaro.

Accompanied by a unique case, it’s an umbrella that you’ll never have to leave outside even when it’s dripping wet. Instead, all you have to do is fold it (even while wet) and put it in the case. From there, you can carry it, drop it in a bag, or hang it from a loop without worries about soaking everything in its path.


The Kjaro’s case is made from waterproof textiles both inside and out, so water will simply slide into the bottom of the case where it’s collected into an integrated chamber. Just empty the chamber into a sink before going back out and your umbrella should be ready to face inclement weather once more. Even better, the case comes with a loop for easily hanging on a hook and a flat bottom for standing upright on a desk, so you don’t even need to hide your umbrella in a drawer where you’d probably forget all about it in an hour or so.


The umbrella, on the other hand, is no slouch either. It features square tips to avoid poking accidents, a winding magnetic band for simpler opening/closing, an aluminum frame, and fiberglass ribs. Plus, it looks sized like a standard three-folds umbrella, so you might be able to use the same case with another umbrella, in case you want your rain protection to match your outfit for the day.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Kjaro. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at €65.

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  1. Michael Coleman

    Finally somebody who gets it. We don’t want to leave our umbrellas outside in the storm because they will blow away or get forgotten out there. We’ve got a nice rug outside for drying off your feet on the covered porch, but when you bring the dripping umbrella in the house, it immediately starts ruining the looks of the carpet. The important thing to remember with the draining umbrella, is do not forget to drain it as it might become rather smelly. Rain water these days is already stinky enough without letting it sit and stew. haha.


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