Arrange Your Dishes In Space-Efficient Ways Using Lakeland’s Draining Tray


There’s no shortage of racks that you can use to drain a newly-washed pile of dishes. From ones you place over the sink to units that drain on a separate chamber, there’s plenty to choose from, as a quick trip to any kitchen supply store will confirm. If you find yourself having to drain a huge stack of dishes on a regular basis, then you’ll want to check out Lakeland’s ILO Clam Shell Dish Drainer.

Designed by Scott Jarvie, it’s a storage and draining system that’s equipped for versatile function. As in, there’s no set way to arrange your dishes like typical dish racks, allowing you to set up plates, bowls, and cookware as required.


Small spikes on the surface of the ILO Clam Shell Dish Drainer allows you to rack everything vertically, while large prongs along the edges make for excellent places to drain cups, mugs, and glasses.  For holding spoons, forks, and knives, each one includes a cutlery container that you can either set down on the tray or hang onto the edge prongs with the drainage facing the tray. It comes with two sets of differently-sized feet, allowing you to arrange it in a tilted position to drain water out of the tray by combining two short feet with two long feet (just place the draining spout next to the sink so the water goes straight through).


Available directly from Lakeland, the ILO Clam Shell Dish Drainer is priced at £19.98.

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2 Responses

  1. Pete

    I’m not impressed. Maybe for a college dorm room, but even then I probably wouldn’t buy one. It is too small. I need something that can hold more. Some products should never be petite, and this is one of them. It is too small and there is not near enough room to hold cutlery. Why would you buy this? It is made of good quality materials that will last, but it is too small. Even if you have very limited space to work with, then wouldn’t you still want a dish drainer that was large enough to handle your dinner dishes. Placing dishes into this drainer would be like playing a game of Jenga. You would be much better off just lying a clean towel down on your counter and lying the dishes on that.

  2. Stephanie

    This is really neat. Every dish rack I have owned thus far has always limited how many things I could sit out to dry at any given time. What I enjoy most about this drainer is: your dishes are not confined within the shape of the drainer. I love that your cups are able to hang off the side, leaving even more space for pots, pans and whatever else you may be cleaning up. I love that the set comes with the cutlery container so you have a quickly removable silverware holder, without the need to make multiple trips through the kitchen. The feet are awesome too! It’s cool that they can be adjusted to allow for better draining. No more water pooling leaving nasty water scum behind.


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