Lazareth Turns The BMW R1200R Into A Neo-Retro Scrambler

The BMW R1200R is a sweet motorcycle when you get it stock, boasting serious cornering chops, classic looks, and a supremely comfortable riding experience.  Ludovic Lazareth's latest custom build, though, turns the BMW R1200R into an entirely new beast.

Commissioned by a French client who wanted a "neo-retro Scrambler," the bike can be accurately described as a cross between a Scrambler and a cafe racer, combining modern elements with undeniably retro touches.  The bike's dynamic is shifted entirely forward, using a truncated seat/tail unit to make the profile even more pronounced.

The Lazareth BMW R1200R is quite a drastic makeover for the source motorcycle, with the 100-hp engine and the paralever suspension being two of the few parts kept from the original.  It gets a new tubular chassis, new widened Yamaha YZF-R6 sportbike forks, chunky Continental Twinduro tires, and a new Ixil exhaust with dual sculpted aluminum mufflers.  The cockpit has been stripped down to the bare essentials, as well, with just one analog speedometer, mirrors at the ends of the handlebar, and a few lights.

You can check out a whole load of pictures of the Lazareth BMW R1200R from Custom Auto Moto's official website.  While there, you may want to explore the crew's other projects, some of which definitely up the ante on wild and crazy compared to this custom build.




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6 Responses

  1. charley

    bad-assed bike. love the matte finish and open rear wheel. seating for one, thank you very much…

  2. mike

    I agree with you charley how ever some times I like my woman to wear her leather booty shorts while she rides on the back of my bike … and this one would be great for that. lol

  3. Craig King

    Good looking bit of kit but going off road without intake air-filters would result in a very short engine life.

  4. sneezbug

    the tires are almost worthless on the road. there is almost zero tread to traction. they are Great in the dirt.
    the tires just gives it an aggressive look is all

  5. Rob Green

    Your completely wrong about the street traction. I put these very tires on my converted yamaha fz1. And theybare great.
    Corners nicely…and you never feel the knobbs. I will buy these over and over again.


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