LEGO’s Newest Minecraft Set Lets You Build Your Own Bustling Village


Minecraft is already filled with blocky elements that you build brick by brick, so we’re not entirely sure why you’d take a break from playing it and start recreating your virtual world in physical LEGO form. Well, if you ever felt like it's time to take it to whole another level, that’s exactly what you can spend the day doing with the new LEGO Minecraft set, The Village.

Based on actual elements from the sandbox video game, the set lets you build a village similar to what you can make on the game, so you can start your own bustling community right on a tabletop. Granted, it won’t be quite as dynamic as playing in an open virtual world, but if you’ve been trying to peel your kids off the rectangular screens of their tablets and PCs, this should be a fun way of getting them playing offline.


LEGO Minecraft, The Village, takes elements from the game’s rainforest, snow, and desert biomes, so it’s quite the varied-looking set. Structures include a watchtower, a library, a blacksmith, a butcher, and a marketplace, complete with easy interior access to the last three buildings. Like any set, you can definitely expand this with other Minecraft-themed elements, which can make for some fun, creative time with the kids.

It comes with four main minifigs, namely Steve, Alex, a zombie, and a zombie villager, although they also throw in a Creeper, an enderman, two pigs, two villagers (one farmer, one librarian), and an Iron Golem to help protect the community. Accessories include a sword, a pickaxe, a table, and more, bringing up the piece total to 1,600.

Slated to ship in June 2016, LEGO Minecraft The Village is priced at $199.99.



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  1. Oscar

    Minecraft is super-popular among both kids and adults, as are Legos. A Minecraft Lego kit is a super cool idea. I definitely want one for my family. I am sure even mom would come and join me and her daughter as we played with this. If these rapidly sell out then I can see the eBay sellers reselling these for much more than $199.

    At a $199 it is expensive, BUT, if you kept the family home instead of going out to a movie then that would be like $30 saved right there. Over a years time this could be a like a board game and actually save yu money. I would love to combine 2 of these kits and have 1 super-huge layout. I might be able to justify the purchase of 1 of these, but definitely not 2. With 1,600 pieces the sky is the limit as to what you could build with this. Minecraft and Lego habe done such a good job creating a game that does not get boring and expands the engineering abilities of kids and adults, so I am super-excited that these 2 companies have joined forces for a large Lego set like this.

  2. Caska

    It’s so hard to look away! I kind of wish I never saw this because my son and I are addicted to everything Minecraft. When I first saw the game I didn’t think there was much to it, but there are endless things you can create and it’s so easy to fall in love with all of the characters. I think it’s so cool that this set not only comes with the villagers but growing plants and even different biomes so you can experience different sceneries. I’m glad there are pigs included in the set, but no horse is a bit disappointing to be honest.

    The kitchen area is so detailed. I can’t wait to cook some meals in there haha 😛 I’m a kid at heart, can you tell?


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